British Police Arrest Man for Saying Offensive Things About Hamas


British police arrested a man in his home earlier this week for making “offensive comments” about the terrorist group Hamas.

Disturbing footage posted to social media shows the terrifying moment police arrested the man for speaking out against terrorism: reports: An officer was filmed telling the man he was in trouble for publicly stating the UK shouldn’t have brought so many pro-Palestine refugees into the country.

“So? Big deal,” a woman filming the incident told the officer.

Next, the officer started placing the man in handcuffs, and the woman shouted, “Disgusting!”

Another officer asked the woman to not make a scene, and she answered, “I should make a scene because you’re arresting him for saying something in the street about Hamas, a terrorist organization!”

The man being arrested doubled down on his beliefs and told the camera and policemen, “I saw all those Palestinian flags on [unintelligible] road and they are disgusting. Absolutely disgusting!”

Another man witnessing the arrest chastised the police and said, “It’s very, very clear. We have freedom of speech and if we want to be against Palestine, we will be. If that’s a problem, it’s your problem. This is your freedom.”

“Sorry, we don’t want terrorists in this country,” bystanders told the officers, with one man noting they were wasting their time abusing free speech while people commit violent crimes elsewhere.

Popular X account Libs of TikTok posted the video and wrote, “In England, you can chant to k*ll jews but you’re not permitted to criticize a terrorist organization!”

Free speech in the UK is dead and average outspoken citizens will be the victims of the totalitarian globalist-run government’s war on public dissent.