Francis Launches a Theological Revolution

Francis Launches a Theological Revolution - no more Christian vision of Christ's face

With a new document, Francis has launched a revolution in theology attempting to force the Catholic Church away from its Christocentric vision into a direction of relativism. And as the Church reels in the crisis of the magisterium, the chaos is reflected in the world as Ohio votes to enshrine the killing of children in the womb in their constitution, and France’s Macron promises to do the same in his nation. Immediately after the Synod on Synodality, LifeSiteNews sprang into action with the two-day Rome Life Forum event, with African Catholics taking the spotlight in defense against the LGBT Agenda. Watch now for all of this and more, including shocking news that the FBI was given information on the corrupt Biden family from 40 whistleblowers, the persecution of Christians in the United States, Bill Gates pushing “digital IDs” for newborns!