Francis wants to change the rules of the Conclave

Francis is drafting a document to reform the conclave, thus the election of the next pope, reports (4 November). He has been meeting for months, sometimes weekly, with the canonist Cardinal Gianfranco Ghirlanda, a Jesuit and enemy of Opus Dei. Francis has not yet definitely approved the ideas. Potential changes are:

• Exclusion of cardinals over the age of 80, already forbidden from voting, from the preparatory phase of the conclave.

• Eliminating the preparatory plenary sessions of Cardinals and establishing small working groups with a discussion leader, similar to the October 2023 synodal assembly.

• The electorate would change: Only 75% are Cardinals while the remaining 25% of voters are papally appointed laypeople, including religious sisters.

• The changes are justified with the falsehood of a "return to the early church" - which would be in horror when seeing what is presently happening in Rome.