More vindictiveness from Francis

Francis goes after Puerto Iguazú Bishop Nicolás Baisi, 59, Argentina. Wanderer and La Cigüeña De La Torre know more.

• Baisi is a “beloved son” of Archbishop Aguer who has known him since Baisi was in high school.

• Aguer was Baisi's superior in the seminary and Baisi was Aguer's auxiliary bishop in La Plata.

• Bergoglio is furious about Aguer's bold speech (“parrhesia”).

• Since there is nothing more Bergoglio can do to Aguer, he takes out his anger on Baisi.

• Baisi is a good bishop, well educated, friendly and close to his faithful.

• Francis has said to Buenos Aires Archbishop Cuerva, “Choose the auxiliary bishops you want, and I will appoint them for you".

• So, one of the current Buenos Aires auxiliary bishops, whom Cuerva wants to get rid of, will go to Puerto Iguazú after Baisi.

• In May, Baisi wrote a common sense assessment of the previous meeting of Argentine bishops, but under Francis common sense is a crime.

• Among other things, Baisi says that the bishops should talk more about the Church and less about politics (“we see the mistakes of the politicians more easily than our own”).

• Caminante expects Francis to lynch also Villa María Bishop Samuel Jofré, another spiritual son of Archbishop Aguer.