Prophecies of the Earth's Axis Change

Several prophecies and visions throughout the ages speak of the same thing.

There are numerous prophecies that speak of a possible change of the planet's axis, which would be responsible for the purification of the earth.

Because the terrestrial map would change drastically, as well as the population.

These prophecies come from the first Christians and the visions have increased in our times because the trigger would be the amount of sin in the world.

However, although sin has increased geometrically in recent times, this event has not happened.

And there are signs that it has been postponed for some reason.

Here we will talk about the prophecies of the change of the earth's axis, what it would bring about, when this should have occurred and why it was postponed.

In the part of the third secret of Fatima revealed by the Vatican in 2000, the little shepherds saw an Angel with a flaming sword in his hand, which emitted flames that seemed to set the world on fire. But they were extinguished on contact with the splendor that radiated from the Virgin Mary.

And in recent revelations from the Carmelite nuns where Sister Lucia lived, she privately recorded more details of this vision.

The nuns reported that Sister Lucia saw the tip of the flaming spear actually touch the axis of the earth, mountains, cities, towns and villages and their inhabitants were shaken and buried. 

The sea, rivers and clouds came out of their boundaries, bringing a whirlwind of houses and people that could not be counted. 

And she hears that it is the purification of the world that is immersed in sin.

This coincides with what the German newspaper, Neues Europa, published in 1963 claiming that the third secret of Fatima, supposedly warned that fire and smoke would fall from the sky, that the waters of the oceans would turn to steam, that everything standing would be overthrown and millions of men would lose their lives, producing misery and desolation on earth.

These two things were related by John Paul II in Fulda, Germany in 1980, when he was asked why the third secret had not yet been revealed.  

He alluded to the fact that his predecessors did not want to frighten people by revealing these things.

Therefore we would be facing the possibility of an apparent change of the earth's axis that would produce these disasters.

And this warning can also be read in the miracle of the sun of October 13, 1917 in Fatima.

More than 70 thousand people saw that the sun began to rotate, approached the earth as if to collide with it, gave off lights of all colors and made strange movements, which caused terror in those present.

And it was probably the prospect of what the sun would look like at the moment of a change in the earth's axis.  

Because the only thing that could cause the sun to change its place in the sky is if the earth changes its axis.

And there are a number of revelations and visions about this change in the earth's axis.

In April 2010 Pedro Regis received a message from Our Lady that said "the axis of the earth will change and My poor children will live moments of great tribulations".

The Venezuelan Maria Esperanza said that it was revealed to her that there will be earthquakes, serious volcanic eruptions, as a consequence of the displacement of the poles.

The Lord also alerted the visionary Jennifer that a great change will come to the earth that will cause earthquakes, chaos and destruction.

And the orthodox seer Vassula Ryden says that when the sixth seal of the apocalypse is broken there will be a violent earthquake, the sun will turn black as a sackcloth, the moon will turn blood red and the stars in the sky will fall on the earth.

All these changes in the stars would happen because the axis of the earth would have been modified.

The same as Lactantius, one of the most brilliant fathers of the Church of the fourth century, said that the Earth will go through extraordinary movements, that it will not be easy for man to determine the courses of the celestial bodies or the system of the times; because there will be summer in winter and winter in summer. 

Which leads one to think of the signs in the sun, moon and stars, and in the earth spoken of in the gospel of Luke 21:25.

And there are even more concrete revelations.

Sondra Adams, a woman who had a near-death experience saw that the earth was tilted.

Where mountains had been, there were no longer mountains. 

Where there had once been rivers, lakes and oceans, there was land and vice versa.

It was like we had been turned upside down or something. It was crazy, he says.  

Meanwhile Lou Famoso, another man who had a near-death experience, was shown the floods that poured down the Earth and the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions they produced.

And he was told that it will happen at the same time as man's greatest sins and when men turn away from God and call themselves gods.

And Gordon-Michael Scallion, who claims to have had a spiritual awakening in the 1980s, was shown detailed maps of the future world following a cataclysmic pole shift.

Scallion believed that the pole shift would come from global warming, nuclear activity and the misuse of technology.

This shift in the Earth's axis would cause enormous amounts of land near the sea to be flooded and other land that is now submerged to emerge.

His maps were published by Forbes magazine.

And further back in time something similar was revealed to a Colombian lawyer named Lucelly.

In 2004, she found herself looking at the Earth from space and it began to turn 180 degrees to the right.

When the Earth finishes spinning, Lucelly sees the globe from her perspective and asks: Is it South America or Africa, because everything had changed?

And a slow voice that echoed throughout the universe answered: "It is South America. Tell the people to pray the holy rosary".

And he saw the continent in its entire extension, covered by a rosary or camandula of blue beads, ending in a capital T, as opposed to the cross with which the rosary beads always end.

There are revelations given to the saints that hold that the sign of the cross that the elect will carry will be a Tau.

And it coincides then with Lucelly's revelation about "the map of the elect".

The change of the Earth's axis, which would produce terrible consequences, is the punishment that God would let happen on earth, due to our sins.

And although in the Akita apparitions in Japan Our Lady told the visionary Agnes Sasagawa that it was going to happen at the end of the 20th century, it did not happen.

In 1973 Our Lady told her that if the world and the Church did not change there was going to come a severe chastisement, the likes of which had never been seen before.

All this was to come in the second half of the 20th century. 

And it is surprising that it did not happen even though all the signs are present today and growing.

What could have happened?

It was probably postponed because of the prayers of the faithful, which in all the Marian apparitions of the last decades, Our Lady calls for the conversion of sinners and asking God for mercy.

And this is what was ultimately shown to the little shepherds of Fatima in 1917, the angel with his flaming sword was preparing to touch the axis of the earth, but that power was extinguished before the intercession of Our Lady.

But the need for purification and reparation was not extinguished, because the angel shouted "penance, penance, penance".

So in the face of the advance of sin and the need for purification, what has been happening is the intercession of Our Lady because of our prayers.

But there may come a time when the amount of sin makes it impossible for Her to succeed with intercession and purification is unleashed. 

In summary, there are numerous visionaries who have been informed that the sinful situation in the world demands a decisive intervention of God to purify it from evil.

The change of the earth's axis has been revealed as something that can happen in this regard, and would result in heavy losses and a total reformation of the earth, while the elect would be protected.

And although the conditions that would lead God to let these events pass continue to grow in plain sight, and should have come about the end of the twentieth century, it did not come about.

And it would have been postponed in time by the prayers of the faithful who have made the Blessed Virgin intercede.

And in reality we do not know for how long it has been postponed, we only have the warning and our prayer that Our Lady will continue to intercede.

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