Signal announced in Carbonia messages is fulfilled

The northern lights have dyed the night of Sunday part of the skies of Italy, Slovakia, Ireland or Poland, Latitudes where it is unusual to observe the phenomenon of the northern lights, typical of Arctic countries like Sweden or Finland.

Some fans have not hesitated to qualify what has happened as "crazy night of auroras" (Source: El Periódico).

Message from Carbonia:

Carbonia 13.05.2023

Watch out, men, the storm is about to break!

Today is the anniversary of my apparition at Fatima:

renew your consecration to my Immaculate Heart,

make yourselves all "Mine" so that I, Mother of Jesus, may lead you to Him.

Allow me to heal you as Jesus asks,

allow me to make you immaculate in love.

God the Father commands your urgent conversion, oh men,

the time granted to you is over,

the northern lights are already appearing in the world to announce to you the arrival of the One who will lead you to the final challenge against Satan:

She will descend radiant with light and will pour out the Holy Spirit upon her Sons, upon those who, with so much love, in absolute fidelity to her Son Jesus, have walked.

Charity awaits your awakening, oh men

Do not delay, ... let your conversion be "now",

turn to Him who loved you even to the point of giving His own life 

for your salvation, let your hearts be filled with love for Him.

Be alert, oh men, the storm is about to burst!

Beloved children, oh you who still doubt my calls and do not pay attention: truly I tell you that you will weep, alone you cannot save yourselves.

You have despised Life,

you have crucified it, mocked it, abandoned it,

you have rejected the Cornerstone,

now who will be able to help you?

To whom will you turn in your despair, to Satan?

Poor men, your pride has made you deaf, blind, insensitive.

Repent, O men, repent!

From heaven, the sound of the shofar will call the Sons of God to the assembly, they will take refuge in their shelters, safe; while you, my poor Sons you, who have not heeded the calls of Heaven,

you, who have rejected the only Refuge of salvation, ...your Creator God, ...where will you find shelter?

I will see many Sons die, I will see the despair in their eyes, I will hear their cries for help, but I will not be able to intervene because their choice was to live in the world and follow the enemy.

Beloved Sons, I appeal to your good sense: repent in these last moments that remain before the Devil launches into his greatest madness!

Today I bless you in a special way, may your hearts be open to my Blessing.

I love you, I hold you close to my Immaculate Heart.

Arise NOW!

Abandon the false path that leads you to the great tribulation!

The false lights will now be extinguished and the darkness will be devastating: it is urgent that you return at once to your Master, to your Savior Jesus.