Soon I will manifest Myself to you in Flesh and Bone

Carbonia 08-011-2023 

Soon I will manifest myself to you in flesh and bone:

I will take you by the hand, I will teach you the Things of God.

In the name of the Father of the Son of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Mary Most Holy says:

Beloved children,

I come to you on this blessed Hill, I come to support you in this Work.

Everything is at the gates:

A great ruin is about to befall this Humanity that does not want to correct itself, ... that does not want to return to its Creator God

My blessed children,

pray without ceasing!

So much pain is in the Heart of your God and so much pain in my Heart ....

All Heaven is in prayer.

The Army of Jesus, led by St. Michael the Archangel, by the seven Archangels, is ready to descend to Earth to help the children of God.

You will soon be raptured, My children,

O you who follow the Lord..., you who "in faithfulness and love" follow Him

Give all your "yes" to the Lord, give all!

The time is ripe, everything must be seen in your eyes.

Man's confusion is great:

he does not want to be converted,

he continues to support his plans on this earth,

he is not aware of what is to come...

This Planet will be purified:

the Sons of God will inhabit a new Earth,

They will no longer have to suffer and will enjoy the infinite Good of God the Father, the Creator!

I want to embrace you to Me, beloved Sons:

I want to hold you close to My Sacred Heart:

I myself consecrate you to Me and to the Sacred Heart of my Son Jesus.

God the Father Almighty, in His greatness comes to visit and bless this place.

We have come to the end of an old time:

a new time is about to begin,

now the battle against the Antichrist will be fought!

Embrace one another,

be faithful and loving to one another,

love one another as Jesus loved you!

In a short time your eyes will see the face of the Earth change:

Jesus will sweep away everything; everything will change its appearance.

It will be the end of everything old

It will be the beginning of the New Age;

new and good things will arise for the children of God.

Behold, the Source of life comes to you in greatness!

Behold, your Lord returns to make you enjoy true life in the new Eden.

My children:

be holy,

be united.

Share all things:

I am in your midst.

Soon I will manifest Myself to you in Flesh and Bone:

I will take you by the hand,

I will teach you the things of God,

and I will prepare you for the battle, for the final clash against Satan.

I love you infinitely, my children:

Have the power of the Holy Spirit within you!

May the Truth always be in your hearts:

united to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph, you will be victorious.

Come, I am with you in this holy Rosary, I join my Hands to your hands.

I embrace you and kiss you on the forehead.

Go forward!

Do not be afraid of anything:

I am with you. Amen.