Soon you will have a new world to live in

Carbonia 24-10-2018

With all My love I come to you oh My children.

I come to give you of Me, of My Holy Spirit, I come to take you in My arms and cradle you in My bosom where you will soon find rest. 

I await the last ones, those who still turn away from my voice, who do not listen to my Word and wander in the darkness.

My children, today I announce to you the end of this life of sin, I come to open for you new heavens and new earth, with all my heavenly army I come to define this life of hunger and pain.

The land of Sicily will be devastated by the fury of the volcano Etna.

I say to you, oh faithless men, listen to my voice and take refuge in me at once, implore my mercy, clothe yourselves with Light in me, I am the one who looks down upon you from on high and awaits your return, awaits your conversion and that you ask for my forgiveness.

The hours fly quickly, everything is coming to an end, soon you will have a new world to live in and you will be in the abundance of My All.

Perfect love descends upon you, oh men! My creatures, you will see with the eyes of Heaven and you will be wise in the Things of God.

I want to give you eternal life in Me in happiness; I want My chosen ones to enjoy My infinite good. I will delight My children with all My love, I will rule them in Me and they will never hunger and thirst for Me again.

Behold, the northern dawn is coming with Mary, the Blessed Virgin.

She comes to bring you the graces of Heaven, she comes to help my children in this final battle against Satan; have love for Mary, welcome her in you and dedicate all your being to her.

Time is running out, only a few more brief moments and then all will be crowned in Me; in My love will be My people and the Universe will rejoice in Me. I make all things new!

Love to all of you who follow Me. Blessing and grace to you on Earth, to you who firmly believe in the One Who Is, in the One Who has given you life

My children, the time is minus five! 

The cry of the Father must be heard by all hearts. 

Many will experience terror at their condition of death, others will taste the joys of God.

I bless you, I love you and I consecrate you to Me, children of Light. 

Love and holiness, your home is in God, God is with you! 

United in one heart, in one soul, we shall be one in the Father. 

Your hearts will vibrate, ... you will be on My heights! 

God is! He is! Soon He will be with you. Amen