Strickland Points to Francis' Double Standard

US nuncio Pierre read to him “several pages of issues” as to why he was removed (“relieved”), Strickland told (November 16).

Pierre didn't mention a single administrative concern. The excuses given were, for example, a "lack of fraternity" with the other bishops which amounts to "I’m speaking up and they are not”, Strickland said, adding that his relationship with the other bishops was cordial.

Another “issue” was the fact that Strickland didn't implement (“didn't respond”) to Traditionis Custodes - even though the majority of diocesan bishops did the same.

Strickland's social media presence was an issue where he spoke freely - following Francis' hypocritical encouragement to "parrhesia" - as a successor of the apostles, “I'm not attacking anyone. I love the Church, Francis, all the bishops. We should be working together", Strickland declared.

He noted that there are still "many bishops" in office who are "corrupt and closely connected to the McCarrick scandal" but "we've never really gotten answers about" and "no action" has been taken against them, "This double standard is troubling.”

Strickland said that he could not give a direct quote from Pierre's Deposit of Faith statement. What he heard was something like, “Quit emphasising this deposit of Faith so much. It is not what we need to focus on.”