Strickland: "Vatican Wants To Change the Truth"

Bishop Joseph Strickland has said that he was removed as a diocesan bishop because he “was guarding the deposit of faith that people in the Vatican want to change” (Bishop Strickland Show, November 26).

“Forces in the Vatican want changes, significant, important changes in the fabric of truth that is the duty for the bride of Christ to proclaim to the ages”, he explained.

For Strickland this is “foolishness” because truth cannot change.

He mentioned again a minor problem he had in Tyler in 2018 when three diocesan officials whom he “naively” trusted too much tried "to run the dioceses according to their will and using me as a bishop.”

Strickland had to dismiss them. The three moved on with their lives, but they had built into their contracts generous severance packages “that were beyond anything appropriate,” taking advantage of the donations to the diocese.

However, Strickland managed the finances to come back “stronger than ever,” raising over $3 million for the annual Bishop's Appeal which broke records.