The Ark is ready! Mary is coming!

Carbonia 18bis February 2017

On the way you will recognize me, and you will follow me after the breaking of the bread.

Now, my beloved children, the time of my coming is near, Heaven will descend among men and it will be a great feast for all the children of God.

Die to sin my children, clothe yourselves with infinite light, welcome me in your hearts filled with love for me, your only Good.

This is the painful road, the ascent to Calvary will be your great suffering, but when you reach the summit of Golgotha, behold, I will come to your aid, I will raise you up to Me and I will hold you in Me, in My bosom I will make you taste of Me.

Save your souls in Me. Embrace my Holy Gospel and do not listen to the voice of the wicked man.

Everything is ready! A few more iniquities for the foolish, and then the curtain will open in the eyes of the foolish themselves.

The persecutors will be upon all My children, but none of them will be struck down because I am the God of Salvation.

Stay by My side to enjoy My benefits; do not turn away from the Eucharist, for it is for you the Shield and the Strength in the battle against Satan.

Do not find yourselves without Me, so that you will not be displaced.

The Ark is ready! Mary is coming! Receive her in you!

Take comfort in my Heavenly Mother, for She will cover you with Herself and give you of Herself. She will take you in her womb to carry you splendid and radiant to the Glorious Cross, so that I, at my arrival, may find you all in Me as I desire.

This is an ancient story.

The House of the wicked man will now collapse under the Sun of Righteousness.

A New Sun will suddenly appear, and you will be taken by Me, the Sun of Infinite Love.

Believe firmly in Me and bring souls to Me; save with your prayers as many souls as you can.

The time of the victory of the evil king will be quickly decapitated, when from Heaven My Voice will be heard calling for Justice. My Divine Justice, for all those who welcome and embrace Me at My Holy Altar.

May My Holy Blessing be with you.

Love one another truly as I have loved you and your Father loves you. Wait attentively. .... The time is now!

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!