The arrival of a melting Planet will be the Warning!!!

Carbonia 29.07.2023

 The arrival of a melting Planet will be the Warning!!!

Here I am to you my sweet bride, write to my beloved people.

Beloved children,

you have come to the end of the race:

you will soon have to devote yourselves completely to Me.

Be ready,

with your shoes on your feet, your hips girded and your staff in your hands

for suddenly you will find yourselves having to abandon everything you possess to run to Me.

Pray My children, pray,

turn away from the world,

do not meddle with the children of Satan.

Verily I say to you, behold, all is accomplished!

This coming season will have great surprises!

Do not toil for what you do not need,

but serve Me, your God Love, to be taken at the time that I will call you.

The gathering of God's children is imminent,

the heavenly vault will open to accomplish on this Humanity the separation of the good from the bad.

This Humanity has gone into darkness and serves Satan:

it does not want to repent,

it continues its wicked race toward eternal death.

Peace to you, My children, to you who call Me Father, to you who wait for Me with hearts filled with joy, ... trembling in love to Me.

Wake up, O wicked men! Wake up!

Your condemnation will be great if you do not put away "now" your sins.


The hour has come for the gathering of the elect.

Prepare yourselves for the meeting with your God the King!