The coming of a great storm will bring you to your knees

Carbonia 24.11.2023 (15.36)

The coming of a great storm will bring you to your knees.

God the Father, God Almighty, observes with pain the situation of this Humanity that has fallen into the trap of the Devil.

Beloved children: convert! The time has come to return home:

God the Father is waiting to return to embrace His beloved creatures.

It is the hour of the great apostasy:

tribulation reigns on earth,

the Church has fallen into the hands of Satan.

My Sacred Heart cries out for your conversion!!!!

Tremble, men, tremble.

The coming of a great storm will bring you to your knees.

Be alert, prepare yourselves.

Pray and fast from the things of the world:

Offer sacrifices and ask my forgiveness,

invoke my mercy.

Throne my wrath!

The world is in Satan's fiery furnace:

it is not aware of anything,

It waits for everything to pass away and for serenity to return, but nothing will be as before.

Truly, truly, I say to you:

The former things shall pass away... but... my Word will never pass!

My children,

I ask for your conversion,

I long for your salvation.

The mantle of the Blessed Virgin opens now to protect her children:

all those who in fidelity and love have given themselves to Love.

Behold the Handmaid of the Lord.

Beloved Jesus, my Son: I come to you as your Apostle, to serve you with joy in the mandate entrusted to me for the triumph of the Last Work on earth in love and charity.

I rejoice for the Sons you have given me: they are proud,

they walk by my side and wave the banner of love.

They are faithful servants,

bold soldiers, ready to die for You, my Lord Jesus, ...

They wait with love for Your return in glory.

They are docile as lambs

they follow your discipline:

I, Mary Most Holy, instruct them according to Your Commandments;

They prostrate themselves with faithful love and follow me with joy because everything smells of You.

What wonderful children You have given me, Lord!

I weep with joy for this marvelous gift of Yours to Me, to Your Mother and to their Mother.....

They love me, they hold out their little hands for me to accompany them in this valley of tears: they feel safe by my side, I instruct them of You.

Go forward people of God!

Onward children of the Most High! Behold, we have arrived at the final battle against Satan:

... you, My children, are already victorious in the Victorious God, your King: the King of kings!