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The New Earth will not be achieved without great suffering

October 24, 2023

Our Lady of the Island Shrine, “The Rock”, Eastport, New York

Our Lady of Light –

I come to you today as Your Lady of Light. I bring to you the Light of the Father in Heaven, Your Creator; the Light of His Son, Jesus Christ; and the Light of Your Heavenly Mother, for you are now in a time of darkness in your world, and the Light from Your Heavenly Protectors is most needed in these end times.

Most recently, the priests, bishops, cardinals, and Pontiff of My Son’s Church met in a synod, resulting in confusion for many of you. The true result – I assure you – will be for you to return to the foundation and roots of My Son’s Church, for My Son will be returning soon to all of you. It is through His direct guidance and through the prayerful efforts of His Powerful Prayer Warriors, the true Stewards of His Church, that the world will experience the Great Warning and during a period of transition, a Great Renewal, leading to the Great Transformation, which will evolve into a New Heaven and New Earth!

So be it! Thanks be to God!

But the New Heaven and New Earth will not be achieved without great suffering and loss to the inhabitants of your world. Such are the conditions now – as a result of all the sins of the world – and as a result of the evil one’s successes in converting so many of God’s children into satan’s acolytes of evil – that the transition leading to a New Heaven and New Earth will be a period of great peril, chaos and confusion, and dreadful events. As a result of all the sinfulness of mankind, the transition will be painful and difficult for many of you to bear.

However, if you are listening to My Messages from Heaven, you have no doubt at this point that despite the successes of the evil one and his minions, in the end, the Father in Heaven, Your Creator, through His Son, Jesus Christ, and with the intercession of Your Blessed Mother and All the Angels and the Saints, will prevail over all the evil that satan has perpetrated upon God’s children.

The chaff shall be separated from the wheat, and the New Earth shall be your reward here on Earth. Ultimately, when your time here has ended according to the Father’s mission for you here on Earth, you will return to the Heavenly Realms – which is your home – for all eternity with your Father and Creator.

So be it! Thanks be to God!

For now, you must pray that the journey here on Earth will be positive and productive during these troubling times. As I have warned many times through the Messages from Heaven in the past, the evil one and his minions both here on Earth as well as in hell are preparing you for the progression of a third world war which has already been in progress according to the evil one’s plan. Recent events in the Middle East are signs of the progression of this third world war and the depravity of the evil one’s followers in violently attacking, kidnapping, raping, and murdering the innocent, including children and the elderly, giving you signs and warnings that the future conduct of satan and his minions will be beyond the pale of God-loving and gentle people.

For the minions of satan who conduct these barbarous acts are not children of the One, True, and Holy God in Heaven, Your Creator. These terrorists are followers of a barbarous and satanic cult that was created by satan thousands of years ago to thwart the mission of My Son, Jesus Christ, and Your Lord and Saviour, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Light of God’s children. It is only through Your Saviour Jesus Christ that Eternal Life will be promised. 

So be it! Thanks be to God!

As life here on earth becomes increasingly more complicated – and it will – your life will be made simpler. Focus your lives on your mission here on Earth through Your Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Recognize that your personal mission in support of the Father in Heaven through His Son is your guarantee of  Eternal Life with Us in the Heavenly Realms.

If you follow your mission and turn your lives over completely to the Father through His Son, after the horrific and terrible events are completed and removed from the Earth, you will revel in your new existence with a New Earth, and ultimately you will share the paradise of Heaven as your Eternal Reward. 

So be it! Thanks be to God!

Message ended 1:48 pm