The Rosary Electroshocks Demons

A woman told me that she was being attacked and harassed by demons. She said, "I was so desperate that I started praying the Holy Rosary every day. When I pray the Rosary, it feels as if it [the demon] is being electrocuted. The shaking, the jerking, is intense. The Rosary feels like an electroshock to this thing." 

She feels the reaction of the demons because, as she said, "This 'thing' inside of me reacts differently to different prayers and holy things. We seem to be somehow intertwined and it communicates to me its 'feelings and sensations.'"... This is a symptom of the experience of having demons- an intertwining of personalities.

She added that when praying the Rosary: "It especially hates the 'forgive us our trespasses' part of the Our Father and the 'pray for us sinners' part of the Hail Mary. I often get hit [by demons] when I pray those." Not coincidentally, she is repenting for her sins that allowed the demons to enter. Her repentance helps to close the demonic portal.

In many Marian apparitions and in the experiences of many great saints, the Rosary is held up as a most powerful and important prayer. To some it may not seem like much- mostly a collection of two common prayers: the Our Father and the Hail Mary, while meditating on the mysteries. 

But what gives the Rosary its power is not any sort of multiplication of prayers or innate power to the words. Rather, it is a plea to a most powerful person, the Blessed Virgin Mary. She promises great graces to those who pray it and trust in her intercession with her Son. In this case, Our Lady promises that the Rosary will be a powerful armor against hell. Indeed, it is.


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