Tucho's Answers Raise More Dubia

Homosexualist Tucho Fernández, the head of Francis' CDF, replied on November 8 six dubia on sacraments for gender-confused people.

The three-page text was signed by Francis.

Italian-born Santo Amaro Bishop Giuseppe Negri, Brazil, asked on July 14 if a “transgender person” or adopted/surrogate [=trafficked] children of homosex couples could be baptised, and if active homosexuals could be godparents.

Tucho replied that people who have undergone castration can be baptised if it doesn't cause a public scandal or disorientation among the faithful [which it always does].

He also believes that any child can be baptised if the baptising priest has a "well-founded hope" that the child brought for baptism will be brought up as a Catholic.

Tucho skimmed over the question of whether both homosex partners should be registered as “parents.”

According to Tucho, adults who have undergone castration can be godfathers/godmothers as long as this doesn't cause scandal or disorientation [so, can a man become a "godmother"?]. Homosexuals who live their vice in public or in a state concubinage shouldn't be godparents.

But, “In any case, due pastoral prudence requires that each situation be wisely considered”. In other words: anything goes as long as it is not Catholic.