What will happen between the Warning and the Punishment

There are three seers who have received messages about what will happen after the warning and before the punishment.

They are the Spanish seer Antonio, who writes under the name Alma Pequeña.

The French seer Fernandé Navarro, who writes under the name J.N.S.R. which means "Je ne suis rien", "I am nothing", a continuation of Dozulé's apparitions.

And Franca Cornado, an Italian, founder of the Charismatic Movement of Assisi.

The three visionaries say that after the apparitions there will be a group of people trained by God, who will carry out a special work of evangelization, in order to convert as many souls as possible.

In this way they will make the effects of the punishment less painful for humanity because evil will strongly recede.

This is a great merciful act of God to spare us the greatest suffering when He makes the moral correction of the world.

God cannot violate our free will, He cannot forcibly convert those who do not want to do so, the wicked, and so He resorts to a commando group that will travel the Earth evangelizing, with extraordinary powers.

Franca Cornado, received in 1971 the revelation of a second Annunciation that would come upon the world, the Lord told her,

"For justice, the Father does not want to punish and make a definitive judgment before the great new Annunciation".

He explained to her what it means,

"The first Annunciation was made in secret because it was necessary to do so.

This second Annunciation will be made in the Light and all will know of this New Annunciation which announces the time of the Holy Spirit on this Earth."

He told her what difference it will have with the first Annunciation,

"At the first Annunciation it was the Angel who came to Mary.

For the second Annunciation I will send new angels, angels of the Earth, angels of the last hour.

These angels are my children, my chosen ones, my favorites, who will be purified and prepared in secret, in silence."

Note that he is using the term angels in a metaphorical sense, to denote specially trained human beings.

He informed him that these people will have a wonderful transformation, the Holy Spirit will teach them all that will be necessary to fulfill their mission in a perfect way.

They have been chosen all along and are ready to go out at a given signal.

Adding further that the time to fulfill this second Annunciation will be very short.

They are the ones mentioned in the book of Revelation of the Bible as the 144 thousand, which is a symbolic number that means some chosen but not all.

For her part, in the year 2002 Our Lady told another visionary, Little Soul, that all will be transformed at the Annunciation, but each one in his just measure, each one will go through his purification more or less long and painful, according to his state and the Justice and Mercy of God.

But there will be some who will be transformed before, he said to him,

"the first to be transformed will be at the Great Warning, during the ecstasy, so that when they come out of it, they will preach the Kingdom of My Son to their brothers and give testimony of what they have seen and lived, in the grace of God and the Heaven of the Blessed.

And give this hope to mankind, who will be in spiritual and material tribulation".

These people will be transformed in an infused way by God.

And he added, that they will preach everywhere they are called, because many will seek them as thirsty for the Word of God, which they had not wanted to hear before.

"They will preach without fear and Evil will no longer be able to touch them.

They will give their testimony until the great Miracle, in which many doubters will decide for Christ, and then will come the persecution of the true Christians."

And he spoke to him about how these first transformed ones will be prepared, he said that they will need, like the Apostles after Pentecost, the physical strength, the light and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, to announce what has happened and what is yet to happen, they will preach to the same members of the Church who are asleep and do not want to listen, and to all the others who are ignorant of everything.

He told him that it is God the Father who has chosen them from the beginning and they are marked, but he informed him that 

"some more can still be marked who have not yet surrendered themselves totally to My Son and to My Immaculate Heart, because they have not yet denied themselves wholeheartedly".

And she spoke to him of the importance that in these days before the great Warning, all prepare themselves with prayer, penance and obedience to the Holy Catholic Church and its true tradition and dogma. 

And finally to the third seer, JNSR, Our Lady gave him a message in 1997 where She informed him about the gifts that these who will be transformed in the first place and will be responsible for evangelization will have, She said to him,

"In front of you all the doors will be opened to proclaim the Coming of God to the whole Earth.

You will have wings on your feet to proclaim the coming of God to all the earth.

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