The despots spread their influence inches by inches

Do Not Worry, But Pray

October 11, 2023

Belovéd Children of My Heart, you must pray constantly. Pray as if life depends upon it, for it surely does. Pray, but do not fear. My Belovéd Children, your Lord God and Father did not create you for unhappiness and destruction. You are created for Love and by Love and with all Love. Children, knowing that My Will for you is all Love, abide by My request and pray.

Pray for this World, as peace illudes it. Pray for the peoples who bring war to other peoples. Pray for those who plot against Mankind. Pray, as I have said before, for your enemies. It is easy to Love and pray for your friends. There is no difficulty in that, but to pray for your enemies and those who despise you is a blessing and I smile upon your efforts.

Children, pray. Pray for My Servants, the Apostles of today. Pray that they remain spiritually strong, for their Souls, their brothers, and My Children. Water is pure until a touch of vinegar is added to it. And no matter how small the amount, water is tainted.

So it is with sin. A small sin taints your Soul. Confess even the smallest of sins and maintain a state of Grace. Yes, that water is tainted and its refreshment soured. Belovéd Children, you must be as clean as water from a spring. How can you provide water or drink or the drink that saves if you are tainted?

Belovéd Children, you will be My Wellsprings and draw others to Me. Your words of Love and your proclamations of My Love and Saving Graces will slake the thirst of those who are dying or whose Souls are dying. You will be My Precious waters that purify others in Me.

Belovéd Children, hear Me. Do not be afraid of all that comes, although these circumstances of tragedy must come. Take joy in the results, My Loves. Rejoice, because this tribulation shall bring many, many Souls to Me. And I crave that. I crave to save all Souls. My Crucifixion saves, but My Children must acknowledge Me and repent and turn absolutely to Me. It is one last opportunity for Mercy. My Belovéds, take full advantage. Prayerful Ones in whose Hearts I take refuge and delight, prepare to help others come to Me. There will be much confusion and dismay in the coming months. The things I have said and the warnings My Mother has given to this World come to pass. How can you endure these times without My Love, guidance, and Mercy? Belovéds, begin your work today, and bring Me Souls to forgive and Love and Redeem. Bring Me Souls. Be the bearers of gifts to your Lord Jesus Christ. Bring Me Souls.

I seek to save all My Belovéd Children. I wish that no Soul be left without My Mercy. Bring Me Souls.

Belovéd Children of My Burning Heart of Love, I am with you always. I shall again say to you, Trust in Me. Trust in Me in all things. Trust that I will feed you and give you drink. Trust that your Belovéd Jesus will bring you comfort. Trust in Me, your Loving God, that I shall answer all prayers. Trust in Me. Trust in Me and leave the worldly things to the world. You do not need money and you do not need to scramble about with worry. I am the provisioner of all things. Trust, My Children.

My Belovéds, ask of Me what you will, and I shall answer. Your faith must be complete and your trust in Me unending. I shall move the currents of rivers and calm the oceans and make mountains crumble on your request, all to glorify the Lord God. I shall save those you ask Me to save, and I shall bring back to life those who die, and I shall make the sick well. Trust in Me. Trust in Me when I say I hear and answer every prayer and seek your full faith on My Loving Word.

Children of the South, prepare. Sicknesses come to you, and you will not have medicine provided by Man. Trust in your Belovéd and Blesséd Mother. She has said to keep the oil of the Good Samaritan ready. Trust in its efficacy against these strange and terrible illnesses.

Children of the North, you shall have fires wrought upon you not from the skies but formed by Man and elicited by Man. Surely, your enemies are amongst you, even now as you look peacefully on the rest of this World.
Children of the East and North, your despots grow stronger and more vindictive of 
My Belovéd Children who believe in Me, the Christ Jesus. The despots spread their influence inches by inches, unaware as many are, until the entire World must be forced to succumb to its rule.

Oh, Children of My Heart, you must prepare by constant prayer. Even the most prayerful will be fooled, so you must learn to trust totally. Trust in Me. Seek the guidance of the Most Holy Spirit to give you discernment.
Children, you are Mine. You are meant for Life and Love. I did not make you so you should suffer the death and darkness of this World.

Know that when you pray, My Light within you burns stronger. When you open your Heart to your Lord Jesus, I shall make a home within it in which to dwell.

Belovéd Children, I give you My Peace. Do not worry but pray. You shall endure the future by allowing Me to live within you.