You will be warned by Padre Pio, of the imminent Warning

Revelations from the GOOD SHEPHERD'S HILL

Carbonia, Italy, July 8, 2020

Behold, My Heavenly Garden is open to you, My New People, My chosen ones, those who will inherit it from Me forever.

I am the One who created everything, I am the One who comes down from Heaven to put an end to this uncivilized and wicked Humanity; I come with My rod to put order where there is no longer any.

I am pained by this humanity that has not repented, that has not wanted to return to its God, of its own free will; I am tired of all the wickedness of this people.

I will wait no longer, I have said it and I repeat it: I open Heaven to descend to you, My people, to you who long for Me day and night, you who ardently desire to unite yourselves to your Father in Heaven, you who with all your heart want to belong forever to your Creator God, you who want to return to the Father's House.

I am with you on this Hill where the Cross will soon shine in Heaven, where I, God, will send rivers of graces to all those who recognize this Place in Me and who kneel before Me.

I have called and summoned My people to true conversion, to make reparation for their sins, but you are hard of heart. Your walk is in the world, in the things of a world that is coming to an end.

Convert oh men, convert now, do not store up treasures on earth for all will be lost, your possessions will be lost, all will be incinerated by the fire that I will send from Heaven for the great purification.

I dare not think of what you will have in exchange for your god, the one you have chosen to follow in My stead, ... I dare not, lest I suffer any more, ... but this was your choice.

As Father and as God, I come to redeem you, I come to ask you for the grace to save you, let yourselves be saved, My children, I love you infinitely since I am your Creator, I have worked for your good with all My being, but you have betrayed Me to follow the one whose seduction led you away from Me.

My little ones, what damage you have created, you have not been firm in Me, you have suddenly said yes to the enemy, to the Old Serpent, the one who wanted to take you away from Me.

We are in the settling of accounts, God says enough is enough and intervenes to recover all that belongs to Him and to put an end to the enemy.

Satan is fierce, his contempt for My children is great, he covets their souls but not all will fall into his trap, his plan has now failed, he already knows that he will fall into his damned hell forever.

When the Earth will be purified of all evil, behold, I will place My Angels as guardians. I am about to open the new world, the new heavens and the new earth, I will open to My children My new Eden, the new Paradise on Earth, and there, I will shelter all those who will have served, loved, adored and followed Me as I demanded in the respect of My Laws.

Greatness is only in Me, in having Me as Father and as God for you. I am the greatest, there is nothing greater than My Love, than to belong to Me.

Soon I will work in my chosen ones, I will put them in a new condition, I will engrave their hearts with fire and I will send them as apostles of the last times to recover the lost. The Holy Spirit will descend upon them and they will be great in their mission in Me, because I will guide their steps, I will direct their path.

Woe to you who have turned your backs on Me! Truly, I ask you to mend your ways quickly, for time is running out, suddenly My intervention will occur and it will be too late for you, I will not recognize you as you did with Me.

I will work miracles through My apostles, I will place them in the world to enlighten people and bring them back to Me; they will be Mine in quality and they will imprint in lost hearts the love for Me, the One True God, the Creator! There is no other Creator but Me, I am the one who created everything from nothing, and I will incinerate everything that does not belong to Me.

You will be as beautiful as the Sun and you will shine with a light you never knew, you will be joyful and you will be Mine forever. Today, Heaven commands love, charity towards your neighbor and the utmost respect for the Commandments of God.

We are at the end, I am about to announce Myself to the world through My saints: you will be warned by My humble servant, Padre Pio, of the imminent Warning! The Antichrist is already prepared, his chair awaits him, but he does not know that he will find himself before the One who alone is worthy to sit on that chair. His time will be very short, I will resurrect for Me all My children and I will delight them in Me so that nothing can happen to My chosen ones.

I love you infinitely, my children; I lead you to victory.

Mary is already with you on earth; she will soon call to your hearts and manifest herself in your homes as the Mother of salvation so that no child of God may be lost.

Whispering with love, she will give you the possibility to repent, to return to her Son Jesus.

The wave that will engulf the earth will be enormous, it will sweep away with it everything in its path, and in the depths of the sea all will be lost. Do not be fools, God is God, He is the only one who can save you. Turn to Me, oh men.

The hour is late, all is consummated, God must intervene now. Amen Blessing and grace to you.