Young Priests Want Latin Mass, Cassock


For over 200 years, the Church in the US has worked with fantastic schools, hospitals, and parishes but now, "almost nobody comes to church anymore," US Nuncio Cardinal Christophe Pierre, 77, admitted (, November 2),

“They used to have vocations and seminaries in 200 places, but the [Novus Ordo] seminaries are now empty.

Speaking about the US, Pierre said that there are "some priests, religious and bishops" who are terribly "against Francis" as if he were the reason for all the failures of the Church or of society.

Pierre believes that people don't understand that we are in at a change of epoch [= decline of the Novus Ordo Church], “This could be the reason why most of the young priests today dream about wearing the cassock and celebrating Mass in the traditional way.”

Pierre revealed that Francis had asked him to continue as nuncio, "He didn’t set a time limit. So I obey. I’m very obedient to the pope. All my life I have been obedient”, he praised himself.