Although Francis is sick, he keeps on talking nonsense

Francis Is Not Well

As could be seen during the general audience on 6th December, Francis’ general health condition is not good, writes IlSismografo.

For the third time this year, the bronchial and pulmonary crises are more serious and the recovery time is longer.

According to medical specialists, Francis is being treated with high doses of anti-inflammatory drugs because his face appears swollen.

In an elderly patient, even a simple cold can reduce the ability to breathe and cause tachycardia and arrhythmia.

By necessity, Francis will soon have to slow down his pace.

Although he is sick, he does not stop rambling

In this general audience, Francis rambled on about why evangelisation today is difficult and fruitless.

His answer was a hodgepodge of his usual negativist mantras. In an abstract way, he condemned a "taking refuge in safety zones, such as the habitual repetition of things one always does, or in the seductive calls of an intimist spirituality, or even in a misunderstood sense of the centrality of the liturgy.”

He psychologised that these are "temptations disguised as fidelity to tradition, but often, rather than responses to the Spirit, they are responses to personal dissatisfaction."

Instead of ranting and generalising, Francis should have shown where and how a method of evangelisation which that avoids these alleged errors bears concrete fruit. Francis empty liturgies and empty general audiences cannot serve as an example.