Humility and simplicity to recognize Christ in our lives

Let us all rejoice in the Lord, for our Savior has been born into the world. Today, from heaven, peace has descended upon us14. "We have just heard a message overflowing with joy and worthy of all appreciation: Christ Jesus, the Son of God, has been born in Bethlehem of Judah. The announcement thrills me, my spirit is kindled within me and hastens, as always, to communicate this joy and jubilation to you", St. Bernard announces15. And we all set out to contemplate and adore Jesus, for we all have need of him; it is only of him that we truly need. There is no such walking as seeking Christ // There is no such walking as seeking Christ // That there is no such walking, sings a popular carol, telling us that no path we undertake is worthwhile if it does not end in the Child God.

"Today our Savior is born. There can be no room for sadness, when life has just been born; the same that ends the fear of mortality, and infuses us with the joy of promised eternity.

"No one need feel that he is far from sharing in such joy, for all have common cause for rejoicing: for our Lord, the destroyer of sin and death, having found no one guiltless, has come to set us all free. Let the saint rejoice, for he draws near to victory. Let the Gentile rejoice, since he is called to life.

"For the Son, when the fullness of time had come (...) assumed the nature of the human race in order to reconcile it with its Creator "16. From this, like an uncontainable river, the joy of these feasts is born for all of us.

We sing with joy in these days of Christmas because love is among us until the end of time. The presence of the Child is love in the midst of men; and the world is no longer a dark place: those who seek love know where to find it. And it is of love that every man is essentially in need, even those who pretend to be satisfied with everything.

When today we come close to kiss the Child or contemplate a Nativity scene, or meditate on this great mystery, may we thank God for his desire to come down to us to make himself understood and loved, and may we decide to become like children, so that one day we may enter the kingdom of heaven. We conclude our prayer by saying to God our Father: grant us to share in the divine life of him who today has deigned to share the human condition with man

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.

Hablar con Dios