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November 30, 2023

St Rosalie’s Parish Campus, Hampton Bays, New York @ 10:00 am

Lo and Behold!

The ‘smoke of satan’ has entered the Church of the Father’s Son!

I am Michael the Archangel – Defender and Protector of the Church of the Father’s Son, who is the Redeemer of All of Humanity, for in the absence of a belief in the Father’s Son, Eternal Rest in the Heavenly Realms is not a possibility for All of Humanity. For in the words of the Father’s Son: “I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life! No one comes to the Father, except through Me!”

Yet, the ‘smoke of satan’ has entered the Church of the Father’s Son!

The Father’s Son chose the Apostle Peter, the Rock, to guide the Church of the Son through its earliest years. Even then, Our Saviour’s mortal and spiritual enemy – the evil one – planned the destruction of the Son’s Church. Know him for who he is, for he manifests under many titles, such as the father of lies and prince of darkness; and many names, such as baal, beelzebub, baphomet, moloch, but mostly as satan or lucifer. In ancient times, the evil one under his many guises, and his fallen angels were cast away from the Heavenly Realms and into a fiery hell, for the evil one chose to joust with God’s plan for All of Humanity, and now it seems as if the evil one has gotten his way!

Yet, the ‘smoke of satan’ has entered the Church of the Father’s Son!

Many confused believers in the Church of the Son chose to leave the Church of the Son, designated as such by the Father in Heaven, and they chose as humans to organize other churches in the name of the Son without the authority of the Father in Heaven or of His Son. Understand that all of these other churches are counterfeits of the One, True, Catholic, and Apostolic Church of the Father’s Son which was founded ultimately under the authority of the Father in Heaven with His Son as the Redeemer of All of Humanity. All other churches were founded by humanity, not divinity!

Yet, the ‘smoke of satan’ has entered the Church of the Father’s Son!

From the earliest times of Christianity through these modern times, many followers of the Church of the Son have prophesized that the Church of the Son in these End Times would be eclipsed by a darkness descending upon the Church as a result of the works of satan and his fallen angels and minions here on Earth. Most importantly, your Heavenly Mother warned of an eclipse in Her Son’s Church from the mountain of La Salette, and Her words then must resound more loudly now, for you are now in the End Times of which your Heavenly Mother spoke 177 years ago. (Edit Note: September 19, 1846).

Yet, the ‘smoke of satan’ has entered the Church of the Father’s Son!

As your Heavenly Mother warned at La Salette, many cardinals, bishops, and priests – who have fallen under the influence of the evil one – have become ‘cesspools of impurity’ and have forsaken their God-given missions of evangelization of humanity and sanctification of souls. They have replaced their Godly missions with greed and lust for money, power, and sex! They have fallen under the dictates of the elitist, globalist, new world order disciples of satan. Woe to those princes of the Church of the Father’s Son who have fallen under the grasp of the evil one, for they risk eternal damnation in the fires of hell!

Now the ‘smoke of satan’ has permeated the very hierarchy of the Vatican and into the office of the very Pontiff chosen to lead in these End Times, but the fate of humanity and the Church that was intended to guide all of you is now in the hands of leaders who have become consumed in the ‘smoke of satan’ just as Your Heavenly Mother predicted would happen at La Salette.

Yet, the ‘smoke of satan’ has entered the Church of the Father’s Son!

As the End Times proceed to an inevitable conclusion, the spirit of darkness will prevail throughout the world and the evil one will resort to all of his evil tricks. Led by the globalists, civil authorities throughout the world will have the same plan – the elimination of religious principles, except for those deemed authorized by the luciferian leaders while atheism, spiritualism, and vices of all kinds will flourish.

These luciferian leaders are the architects of all of the global wars leading to the conflagration of World War III. They have unleashed a pandemic upon humanity which is just the beginning of their attempts to cull down humanity until only a remnant will be permitted to survive to serve the globalist masters. During the initial pandemic, your churches were locked up by a pontiff, cardinals, and bishops who were enriched by and made complicit to the globalists by financial arrangements that made it profitable to them to close the churches and turn away the faithful. Woe to these false church leaders who became complicit with this luciferian rabble while forsaking their God-given duties to shepherd the faithful followers of Jesus Christ!

Yet, the ‘smoke of satan’ has entered the Church of the Father’s Son!

While the globalist minions of satan enforce their geopolitical changes upon humanity – chaos, confusion, and hoaxes among the masses, diseases, pandemics, pestilence, riots, and wars shall prevail.

Nature is asking for vengeance due to all the sins of mankind, and the globalists know that the End Times events as prophesized will include geophysical changes – droughts, earthquakes, famines, floods, fires, violent storms, tsunamis, and hurricanes – due to all of the sins of mankind which the luciferians have promoted in these modern times to serve their greedy and lustful purposes, but their planning is for naught.

For a brief time, God will abandon mankind to itself, for mankind has chosen to abandon God in search of the sins of greed, lust, and lascivious behaviour. Following three days of darkness, the evil one and his minions including many of the fallen away clergy will be cast into the bowels of hell. In these End Times, the ‘smoke of satan’ shall be snuffed out by the Power of the Holy Spirit. As the world approaches a crescendo of terrible events and the true followers of the Father’s Son beg for mercy and cry out “No more!”, suddenly Jesus Christ in an act of His Justice and Divine Mercy will command His Angels to restore peace to the world, and He will have all His enemies destroyed.

And the ‘smoke of satan’ shall be eliminated from the face of the Earth.

The evil one and his minions know that in the end, the Divine Intervention from the Heavenly Realms will make all things new again! Thanks be to God!

And the ‘smoke of satan’ shall be eliminated from the face of the Earth.

In the meantime, I call upon all the true disciples of Jesus Christ.

Be in this world but not of this world!

Recite the Holy Rosary daily.

Recite the Divine Mercy Devotion.

Consecrate yourself to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Confess yourself to a priest who you discern – through the power and mercy of the Holy Spirit – is right with the Lord and Saviour. Avoid the priests who have become ‘cesspools of impurity.’ If necessary, confess yourself directly to your Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. But do not listen to the pontiff, cardinals, bishops, and priests who have become subservient to the evil one who has dimmed their intelligence. Instead, pray for the salvation of their souls!

Participate in the celebration of the Traditional Mass and the Traditional Sacraments of the Church, particularly the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

Pray for Catholics and Christians who have fallen away from the Church of the Father’s Son; pray for those who are no longer practicing the faith – the alienated, the disenfranchised, and the dissidents.

In the end, the Son’s Chosen Apostles of the Last Days will rise up among the Children of Light who still remain in this earthly world.

In the end, the Father in Heaven through His Son, the Redeemer, shall rule the world, at last, free of the evil one and his minions.

In the end, only faith will survive.

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