Naval Deployments Hint at Another Agenda - NOT Israel

The map below showing US and allied Naval deployments in the area of the Middle East reveals the deployments are utterly massive.  The ships are allegedly there in support of Israel, to assure no other countries get involved over Israel's Genocide in Gaza.   What if . . .  there's another purpose?

What if the US has decided that since Saudi Arabia is leading OPEC into de-Dollarizing sales of oil, that the Saudis must be wiped from power?   What if the US and our allies are there not for Israel, but to literally TAKE the Middle East . . .  almost all of it . . . . and wipe away OPEC, and Muslim Terrorism, in one fell swoop?

If you look at how our ships are deployed, We could take all of Saudi Arabia very quickly.  Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, would fall in days.

What if the US decides to claim publicly that it was Saudis who financed the attacks of 9-11, and it was the other Arab nations that financed ISIS, then push that as the narrative to justify taking them all out? 

What if we decide to start claiming "It would get rid of Muslim terrorism worldwide in one fell swoop?" 

What if we claim, in addition to 9-11, that OPEC has been violating the Sherman Anti-Trust Act by illegally fixing prices on oil for decades, and we in the US are harmed every day by that? 

What if we point out that the Saudis have broken the PETRO-DOLLAR agreement, and say "they are actively trying to destroy our currency by breaking the petro-dollar and joining BRICS?" and that such actions are, in fact, economic warfare being levied against the USA?

Might the American people buy those reasons?

Oh, and in the end, all that oil would be . . . . ours.

HMMMMMMM.  Interesting things happen when I allow my mind to wander!