Our vigilance must be in the small things

It is necessary to be vigilant against the enemies of God, but also against the complicity offered by our evil inclinations: be vigilant and pray so as not to fall into temptation, because while the spirit is ready, the flesh is weak.9 We are vigilant when we strive to make better personal prayer, which increases the desire for holiness and avoids lukewarmness.

We are vigilant when we strive to do better in personal prayer, which increases the desire for holiness and avoids lukewarmness, and when we take care of mortification, which keeps us awake for the things of God. We also strengthen our vigilance by means of a delicate examination of conscience, so that what St. Augustine points out, as said by the Lord, does not happen to us: "Now, while you dedicate yourself to evil, you come to consider yourself good, because you do not take the trouble to look at yourself. You rebuke others and you do not look at yourself. You accuse others and do not examine yourself. You put them in front of your eyes and you put yourself behind your back. Well, when it is my turn to argue with you, I will do the opposite: I will turn you around and put you in front of yourself. Then you will see yourself and weep.

Our vigilance must be on the little things that fill the day. "That supernatural way of proceeding is a true military tactic. -You hold the war - the daily struggles of your inner life - in positions, which you place far from the capital walls of your fortress.

"And the enemy goes there: to your little mortification, to your habitual prayer, to your ordered work, to your plan of life: and it is difficult for him to get close to the towers, weak for the assault, of your castle. -And if it comes, it comes without effectiveness 

If we consider in our examination of conscience "the little things of every day", we will find the true path and the roots of our failures in the love of God. The little things are often a prelude to the big things.

Our daily meditation will keep us vigilant against the enemy who does not sleep, and will make us strong to overcome temptations and difficulties. And in that meditation we will find the means to combat the old man, those less upright tendencies that remain latent in us.

To achieve this necessary interior purification, a constant mortification of the memory and the imagination is necessary, because thanks to this it will be possible to eliminate from the mind the obstacles that prevent us from fully fulfilling the will of God. Let us therefore refine our interior purity during these days of waiting for Christmas, in order to receive Christ with a clean mind in which, having eliminated everything that goes against the way or is outside of it, nothing will remain that does not belong to the Lord

Hablar con Dios