Prayer for God to remove Francis from the papacy


O Lord Jesus Christ, Who art the Almighty, Ever Living God, Who in obedience to Thy Eternal Father did descend to Earth to instruct men that they might rightfully and duly praise, bless, honor and glorify His August and Sacred Name, do Thou now, descend in vengeance and blot out from the earth these wicked men who have dared in the sight of all mankind to incite the most heinous sacrilege against His Divine Majesty, by asserting that Thy priests and Thy Immaculate Bride can bless impenitent sinners living in the most foul sins of fornication, adultery and sodomy!

Deign, o King of kings and Lord of Lords, to Whom all power and authority in Heaven and Earth has been bestowed by Thy Eternal Father, to remember Thy Own Eternal Filial Duty to avenge the insults to His Divine Majesty, just as Thou didst of old when Thou struck down idolators, blasphemers and all who would dare commit sacrilege, even if they were the priests of Aaron constituted for the care of Thy chosen people.

Remember how Thou came to deliver a people who walked in darkness and were sorely oppressed round about by all kinds of enemies. and Come and deliver the flock which Thou didst obtain by right as Thy own by the shedding of Thy Sacred Blood!

Deliver, now, Thy Immaculate Bride who is being assaulted daily by the horrible crimes, sacrileges and calumnies of this wicked crew whom Pope Francis has assembled round about him.

And for the honor and glory of the Name of Thy Eternal Father, Who is the God of gods,  we humbly beseech Thee to remove Pope Francis from power and to strike down with vengeance Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his wicked crew, making them endure in the sight of all nations such punishment as to honor and glorify His Sacred Name, so that by instilling fear into godless men, Thou might also make known to all the world, that there is a God in Israel, that is, Who is the Founder and Author of The Catholic Church, and Who comes to the help of Thy Flock, Whom Thou hast remembered from of old, to the Blessed Virgin and to Her posterity in Thee forever!

We ask this in Thy Holy Name, Lord Jesus Christ, for the honor and glory of God the Father, and in Thy Holy Spirit. Fiat. Fiat. Amen.

+ + +

Credits: This prayer has been composed by one of the electors of Pope Francis as an act of public reparation for having considered him morally capable of being the Pope. — You are encouraged to share this prayer and pray it before and during every Mass you attend, until the Lord Jesus Christ works the favor requested therein.