Schneider, the next to be expelled by Francis?


Under Francis there have been "several acts" that don't conform to the teaching of the Church's Magisterium "and this is a crisis," Bishop Schneider told (December 1).

He mentions Francis’ Abu Dhabi document, which wrongly claims that God positively wills non-Christian religions.

Francis is relativising moral teaching by adapting it to the immorality of the world so that the Church would become just another of the many organisations of this world.

Schneider noted that the supernatural atmosphere and beauty of the Roman Mass attracts young people, so that all over the world the Mass is packed with young families and children. Traditionis Custodes will not be able to stop the Mass, he predicts.

The removal of Bishop Strickland is for Schneider "a huge, blatant injustice". He explains that Francis wanted to silence Strickland who is a prophetic voice, an "obstacle" and an "unpleasant voice" for many in the Church.

On the other hand, Francis promotes prelates who publicly undermine the Faith and spares pro-homosex bishops and Father Rupnik, who, as a friend of Francis, received "privileged treatment" instead of being punished.