Strickland: funds going to group that prays to demons

(LifeSiteNews) — Bishop Joseph Strickland has called his fellow bishops to account for Catholic funding of a pro-LGBT group recently exposed by the Lepanto Institute that prays to demons.

The funding comes in the form of grants made by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) totaling more than $100,000 over the last three years that were issued to LGBT advocacy group Planting Justice, whose own website details the demonic rituals and prayers the group has offered to pagan transvestite gods and dead transsexual persons.

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“The Catholic faithful deserve clear explanations regarding these reports,” Strickland posted on X, formerly Twitter, regarding the Lepanto Institute report, which has been dismissed as “unfounded,” by Bishop Timothy Senior, the current chairman of the CCHD subcommittee.

Senior claimed that all grantees are thoroughly vetted and that “Catholics can be confident that the Catholic Campaign for Human Development does not fund organizations that violate the moral or social teaching of the Church.”

In the report, contrary to Bishop Senior’s claims, Michael Hichborn pointed to recent data the Lepanto Institute’s research uncovered groups that showed other grantees supported homosexuality and abortion.

“A few weeks ago, the Lepanto Institute proved that a recent grantee called CUSH collected homosexual pornography with the intent to provide it to children,” Hichborn wrote. “Then, the Lepanto Institute proved that the CCHD provided grants to Unchained, a pro-abortion, pro-LGBT organization with intimate ties to Marxist entities.”

Hichborn continued, “This report will show that if, as Bishop Senior claims, CCHD grantees ‘have undergone a thorough application process’ and are ‘closely monitored,’ then the CCHD must have either knowingly provided a grant to an organization that admitted to praying to demons, or the CCHD did NOT ‘thoroughly review’ the organization as it claims it does. Either way, the fact remains: The CCHD provided over $100,000 to an organization actively promoting sexual perversion and praying to demons.”

The report then detailed grants issued by the CCHD to the pro-LGBT group Planting Justice amounting to $120,000 since 2020:

Planting Justice has been a recipient of local CCHD grants from the Diocese of Oakland, California since 2018 and appears to have received its first-ever national CCHD grant of $50,000 in FY 2021-2022.

According to the November 2022 edition of The Catholic Voice, the official publication of the Diocese of Oakland, Planting Justice received another $50,000 national grant for “this year,” meaning 2022-2023.

In 2020, Planting Justice received a “national” grant of $20,000, as is indicated in this October 19, 2020 issue of The Catholic Voice.

The report then detailed a demonic ritual performed and advertised by the group in which staff members erected an altar to transvestite pagan gods and goddesses and prayed both to these gods and to transexual dead persons.

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As documented by the Lepanto Institute, Planting Justice published a November 21, 2013 article titled “Remembering Our Dead.” The article was written by Chris Hughes, who identified himself as “Planting Justice’s Secular Priest/ess,” and as “transgender, specifically genderqueer.”

Hichborn observed that “at the top of the article is a photo of a Guy Fawkes mask with a plaque underneath.  On the plaque is a pentagram, a sword, two cups, and a dagger. To the left of the plaque is a golden apple, and to its right is a Jhika hand cymbal. All of these are prominent symbols in witchcraft.”

In the article, Hughes wrote, “Today, November 20, 2013, happens to have been our Planting Justice staff meeting.  It is also the International Transgender Day of Remembrance 2013… To commemorate this day… I asked the Planting Justice staff if I could set up an altar before our meeting.  I also read the names of the dead, inviting them to sit in with our staff.  Pictures of the altar follow.”

Hichborn pointed out that “the picture of the ‘altar’ contained a pagan idol of unknown origin, a document titled ‘A List of All Trans People Killed In Hate [indecipherable] That We Know Of,’ sitting on a platform with a pentagram, a couple of books, and an assortment of other items.” The books were on pagan transexual mythology, including one on Inanna, the ancient Sumerian goddess “Ishtar,” “the goddess of love, sensuality, political power, fertility and war.”

Hughes’ article for Planting Justice further included demonic prayers, including a litany to pagan gods known to be transsexual or hermaphrodite, and a prayer to the dead themselves. Hughes wrote:

Very often, we don’t know about trans*phobic hate crimes, as the closet and the media combine their efforts to make us invisible. Thus, I list the names of the dead, with a prayer to the gods preceding and a prayer to the dead themselves following. Please, take a moment. Say their names. We exist. (emphasis added)

Hichborn observed, “After offering these prayers to the demons, the assembled members of Planting Justice then offered prayers to about 65 named individuals who had been murdered in 2013, ending with this blasphemous prayer: Honored and fabulous dead, we breathe you, we eat you, we drink you, in you, we live, we move, we have our being.”

This organization should NEVER have received a dime from the Catholic Church. Any organization that would erect an altar with an idol and pentagram on it and publish actual prayers to demons should be on a permanent ban list, perpetually forbidden from Catholic funding.

If the Catholic Campaign for Human Development imposes a ‘thorough application proces’ that includes ‘close monitoring’ of the grantees as they claim, then the CCHD is 100% complicit in directing Catholic funds to an organization that openly engaged in demon worship, has an ongoing agenda to combine the promotion of sexual perversion with its work in agriculture, and is continuing to promote sexual perversion. The only other possibility is that the CCHD isn’t performing the due diligence in vetting grantees that it claims.

Whatever the case, because the activities recorded in this report prove that Planting Justice engaged in demon worship five years prior to its 2018 grant and it has actively promoted homosexual and transgender ideologies before and during the time of the grants it has received from the CCHD, the CCHD’s claim that ‘Catholics can be confident that the [CCHD] does not fund organizations that violate the moral or social teaching of the Church‘ is completely false!