The Chair of Peter is besieged by the enemy

Carbonia 23.12.2023

Thus says the Lord:

My people...

Holy people, I address you today to tell you that soon you will be with me in Paradise.

Sons of Jerusalem:

 To you... I address you with all My Love:

give Me your hearts,

tell Me that you are desirous of belonging to Me, of embracing Me,

ask for My help if you cannot do it by yourselves because the tentacles of the world are heavy.

And... to you, My children and "no longer Mine" by your free choice, I say to you:

go the way you have chosen: ...

... and you will suffer weeping and gnashing of teeth.

And ..., peace be upon you

who listen to My Word, to My calls to conversion...

... and are ready to recognize Me as the God of Salvation.

Beloved children,

I address you with immense love:

I want to caress your hearts,

I want to seal you in Me,

Be firm in My Word,

do not deviate from My Laws,

Seek holiness,

turn away from sin.

Today on the hill of the Good Shepherd My eternal Light will descend and embrace all those who come to see Me.

It is I, your Savior God, who speak to you, who call you to Me:

Do not be deaf, oh men, do not let My intervention take you by surprise.

Put purity in you

stop sin;

Seek the Sacred and turn away from the profane.

The Chair of Peter is besieged by the enemy:

the Church is now enveloped in darkness,

has lost her grace in love,

she has consecrated herself to Satan!

I am Christmas!

I am the Child Jesus:

Behold, I come to you, beloved children, to ask you to adore Me....

that you recognize me as the one true God:

only in this way will you be able to save yourselves and enter the gates of the Heavenly Immensity.

Tonight... I will descend to you again:

I will rest upon the cradles that I will find adorned to receive me.

To all the homes of the world I will come to bless with love the places that await Me.

I come as the God of Salvation, I "Man-God"!

I will come in iridescent garments,

I will irradiate the hearts of men,

I will clothe them with My own light

And bless their way in holiness and true love.

Cry out to Me all your love My children,

embrace Me in your hearts and.

ask forgiveness for your sins,

I come... to heal all that is rotten;

I come to cleanse you from the dregs of Satan!

Listen to Me My children, the moment is crucial for this Humanity.

I bless you and I wait for you all in Me.

God the Savior!