The examination, an anticipated encounter with the Lord

All our activity - family, professional, social - is an occasion for an encounter with God. Also, throughout our day, many special encounters with the Lord take place: in Communion, in this time of prayer..., also in the examination.

The daily examination of conscience is a thorough review of what we have written on the page of each unrepeatable day. Many crooked words can be straightened out through contrition. A page of horror can be turned into something good, even very good, through repentance and purpose to begin the new blank page that our Guardian Angel will present to us from God; unique and unrepeatable page, like each day of our life. "And these white pages that we begin to scribble each day," writes an author of our times, "I like to head them with a single word: Serviam, I will serve, which is a desire and a hope (...).

"After this beginning - desire and hope - I want to draw words and sentences, compose paragraphs and fill the page with clear and neat writing. This is nothing more than work, prayer, apostolate; in other words, all the activity of my day.

"I try to pay much attention to punctuation, which is the exercise of the presence of God. Those pauses, which are like commas, or like semicolons, or like colons, when they are longer, represent the silence of the soul and the ejaculations with which I strive to give meaning and supernatural sense to everything I write.

"I like the dots very much, and even more the semicolons with which it seems to me that each time I begin to write again: they are like sketches of gestures by which I rectify my intention and tell the Lord that I am beginning again - nunc coepi!-, that I am beginning again with the right will to serve and to dedicate my life to Him, moment by moment, minute by minute.

"I also pay great attention to the accents, which are the small mortifications by means of which my life and my work acquire a truly Christian meaning.

"An unaccented word is an occasion when I did not know how to live in a Christian way the mortification that the Lord was sending me, the one that He had lovingly prepared for me, the one that He wanted me to find and embrace at ease.

"I strive so that there are no crossings out, mistakes, or ink stains, or blank spaces, but.... how many there are! They are the infidelities, the imperfections, the sins... and the omissions.

"It pains me greatly to see that there is hardly a page where my clumsiness and my lack of skill have not left their mark.

"But I console myself and soon reassure myself, thinking that I am a little child who does not yet know how to write and who needs a little forgery so as not to twist and a teacher to hold his hand so that he does not write nonsense - what a good teacher God our Lord is - what immense patience he has with me!

Hablar con Dios