The rapture of the elect is underway!

 Carbonia April 1, 2020

Now they will impose a vaccine that none of my children will have to accept.

Listen to the Word of Heaven, oh men!

God the Father, the Almighty Yahweh, puts his finger on this Humanity which he urgently calls to himself. Put yourselves in me, oh men, your God is calling you, do not be deaf to his call, time is running out, the hour is entering its infinite pain.

Hasten to conversion, my children, turn to Me, do not go any more on the wrong path, straighten your ways in the direction of your only true God, the Supreme.

Have charity with yourselves and with your neighbor. Evil reigns in every corner of the Earth, its manifestation is destructive, Satan wants to take you with him, do not accept his falsehoods.

They will now impose a vaccine that none of my children will have to accept because it would mark their lives in Satan. Instead, run and kneel before the Holy Cross of Jesus Christ and, asking His forgiveness, implore His mercy.

Mountains crumble, rivers overflow, seas swell with dangerous waves, volcanoes erupt and the earth continues to tremble on all sides.

Blessed children of God, open your eyes to heaven and invoke the grace of forgiveness. Beseech the Divine Mercy of your Loving God; His Justice is now upon this Humanity entangled in the clutches of Satan; man is unaware of his condemnation to eternal death.

Children of Jerusalem, embrace the Word of your Loving God and turn to Him to shorten the time of the pain that will now fall upon the Earth.

Remedy this quickly, turn to Me, oh men, do not remain in your foolishness, put clarity in your minds, become aware of the deception that is gripping your soul and cry out My Holy Name that you may have help.

A comet is coming to Earth!

Beware, oh men, for all will see it; its light will be dazzling,

...its mission is in me!

A great earthquake will occur, the whole earth will tremble, the hearts of men will be shaken, many will die of fear if they do not return to their Creator God. Repent quickly, know that the thunder that will suddenly burst will not bring deception, but will open hearts to the Truth.

There is a God, O cruel and unfaithful people! God will now manifest Himself before your eyes, will all see Him, but you will not all be embraced by Him.

The rapture of the elect is underway!

Prepare yourselves, my children, put yourselves in a position to be able to enter and enjoy my wonders forever. Amen!