The Warning / Miracle —Bayside Pophecies

#43 - The Warning / Miracle

"There is a secret of Heaven and another one of earth, and the latter is terrifying. It will seem as though it were already the end of the world. And in this cataclysm everything will be separated from the sky, which will turn white as snow. " - Jacinta Marto (child-seer of Fatima, Portugal) on her deathbed to Mother Godinho, February, 1920


Veronica - Jacinta's prophecy before she passed on--she's one of the children of Fatima--and that is the secret of Heaven and the secret of earth: the Warning.* - Commentary, September 28, 1973

*In light of further developments since, it could perhaps pertain to the Miracle as well.


"It is true that I gave a final message [to Mother Godinho], but I, too, could not give the date--only to warn the world that a great Warning would come to mankind. It would be a great cataclysm Warning, and then there would be a great Miracle. And after that, if nothing changes and man continues to offend the Father, He would have to start this terrible, terrible trial. For there will be a great War and there will be a great, terrible Chastisement." - Jacinta Marto, June 8, 1974


"Jacinta warned you of the affairs of Rome. Now one remains to be fulfilled, the secret of Heaven and earth. I have entrusted you with this already, and I have asked you to prepare yourself and those you love for this eventuality." - Our Lady, December 30, 1972


"There will be a tremendous explosion, and the sky shall roll back like a scroll. This force shall go within the very core of the human. He will understand his offenses to his God." - Our Lady, June 12, 1976


"All who remain in the light of grace will have no fear. They will pass through this great Warning without suffering." - Our Lady, April 5, 1975


Veronica - It's as though everything has exploded in the sky - the flash! And it's very hot! It's very warm! Oh! Oh! It feels like a burning. Oh! Now the sky is very white. Colors--blues, purples--it's like a huge explosion. Now this voice, the voice. . . . And the voice, Our Lady says, is a voice within you: "Your warning before Chastisement! Flash, fire, and the voice within you. The final Warning before Chastisement!" - Our Lady, April 21, 1973


"My child, you speculate much about the coming Warning. I have asked you many times not to speculate on dates, but I give you one indication that the time is ripe. When you see, when you hear, when you feel the revolution in Rome, when you see the Holy Father fleeing, seeking a refuge in another land, know that the time is ripe." - Jesus, September 14, 1976


"As the day follows night, so shall this Warning follow soon. Beware of the sunrise! Do not look up to the sky--the flash! Beware of the sunrise! Do not look up to the sky--the flash! Close your windows; draw your shades, remain inside. Do not venture outside your door, or you will not return. Pray! Prostrate yourselves upon your floors! Pray with arms outstretched, and beg for mercy of your God the Father....

     "Keep blessed candles, water, blankets, food within your homes. The candles of those who have remained in the state of grace shall not be extinguished, but the candles in the homes of those who have given themselves to satan shall not burn!" - Our Lady, June 12, 1976


"Wear your sacramentals, and retire now into a life of prayer and self-sacrifice. This will please the Father much and mitigate much of a Warning to you." - Jesus, December 7, 1973


"It is from the merciful heart of the Father that you will receive a great Warning. Man will feel that the very powers of the elements have shaken the very foundations of his being, so great will be the impact of this Warning from the Father." - Our Lady, September 28, 1974


"If it was not for My Mother Who steadily holds Her hand upon Mine in sorrow, I would let My hand fall and the Warning come upon mankind. It is not to be asked for, because you know it is coming, My children. It is to be prayed against, for there will be those who will die in this Warning." - Jesus, October 1, 1988


Veronica - I see the huge ball and the sun; it's a ball of fire. And this is another ball of fire. And a piece now is broken off, and it's hitting into the sun. And there--oh! Oh, it's an explosion. Oh, I can't look! Oh! Oh! Everything seems so still, and I see people now holding onto the chairs in their houses. Everything's rocking. It's like the very foundation is rocking in the houses. And they're all frightened. And many are running into the streets. - December 24, 1973


"The Warning which will be sent upon man must be effective; and in the mercy of the Father, a great spectacle will then be placed in the sky for all to see....

     "You must cleanse your souls of all sin, mortal and venial." - Our Lady, December 24, 1973


Veronica - I can't repeat it? It'sbeautiful! Oh! 

     Our Lady - "My child, many will see and still not believe, so great is the darkness of the spirit. Believe what you see at Garabandal*!

     "No, My child, it will not be removed by mankind. It has been four long years, but I promised you that you would see this, My child.

     "The forces, the evil forces, My child, of 666 will lead a band of fools against Garabandal*.

     "The majesty of God will be much evident at this time. Should this great Miracle be cast aside and rationalized by atheistic, scientific man, I assure you, My children, the Chastisement will come upon you with great force." - Our Lady, July 15, 1974


"The hill on the meadow is a holy place. 'C' will be there with the holy light, a flaming cross in sword-like formation." - Our Lady, March 24, 1972


BEGINNING IN JUNE 1961, the Blessed Mother appeared for over four years to four young girls in a small village of 300 people in the Cantabrian Mountains of Northwest Spain called Garabandal.

Below are some interesting facts known about the Miracle: It will take place on or between the eighth and sixteenth of March, April or May on a Thursday at 8:30 p.m.; it will be within a year of the Warning, and Conchita, one of the seers, will be able to announce the date eight days before it occurs; it will take place on the feast day of a martyr of the Eucharist (who is not a Spaniard, and bears a name that is rare to the Spanish; it will coincide with a great event of the Church; and the local Bishop will get a personal sign before the event and lift the ban on priests going up to the village.

Conchita speaks of the Miracle in Garabandal magazine: "It will be visible to all those who are in the village and surrounding mountains; that the sick who are present will be cured and the incredulous will believe. It will be the greatest miracle that Jesus will have performed for the world. There won't be the slightest doubt that it comes from God and that it is for the good of mankind. A sign of the Miracle, which it will be possible to film or televise, will remain forever."