They have decreed the end of Italy...

Carbonia 14.12.2023

Italy enters the vortex of great suffering!

Jesus is with you, my little flower, write to my beloved People.

May graces and blessings descend upon my People!

Beloved Sons:

we are already at the end of this year 2023,

disasters will soon intensify,

the fulfillment of the prophecies has come to an end,

you will see happen all that has been announced by Heaven through its prophets of yesteryear and today.

My children, dear to Me and dear to your Heavenly Mother, the harsh winter has begun:

the harsh winter has begun;

you will have to suffer much, My children!

Come back to Me soon!

Noxious dust will thicken in the sky and fall on the fields,

the crops will burn,

the water will be poisoned;

You will have no more food to feed yourselves!

War will break out, encompassing the whole earth;

the world shall burn in flames.

Poor men, so miserable, without My help!

Oh, you who have denied your God, you will suffer much.

Jesus intervenes to cover His Sons with His Cloak,

He will take them with Him to a safe place where they will have prosperity and joy!

Italy enters the vortex of great suffering:

all good will be taken away from her;

the great ones of the Earth have decreed the end of Italy...

poverty and catastrophes will increase.

"Fractured" ... it will be divided and sold.

Believe in these words of mine because they are words of truth.

My dear daughter,

Do not be afraid to write what I tell you, it is the infinite truth.

Write without carrying any thought: I am He Who Am! I am the God of Israel!

My beloved Sons,

I come to take for Myself what belongs to Me,

I come to relieve the poor,

I come to separate the good from the bad.

Prepare yourselves for the great event!

God will manifest Himself to the world as "God of Mercy" and "Justice".

I will make my Justice thunder with power! ...

These will be days of terror for the traitors!

My beloved, God the Father cries out with all His love for your conversion:

Listen to Me, lest you be seized by the claws of the Devil.

Convert, oh men, convert! You have come to the end of a history of sin.

The new home of my beloved People will be in the greatness of love and joy.

Support this my Work, my children!

Soon all will be swept away by the iniquitous man.

all your possessions will be taken away from you

all your property will be taken from you

Martial law will be imposed in a big way ...and whoever does not comply will be killed.

whoever does not comply will be killed.

My beloved children, it is your Father who speaks to you,

do not be fools,

listen to my cry for help,

turn to Me for only in this way will I be able to save you.

Prepare yourselves my children: these are words of truth. Amen.

God the Father.