Accomplices of this proud heretical tyrant —Viganò

Among the titles of the Roman Pontiff recurs, along with Christi Vicarius, that of Servus servorum Dei[“Servant of the servants of God”]. 

While the former has been disdainfully rejected by Bergoglio, his choice to retain the latter sounds like a provocation, as evidenced by his words and deeds.

The day will come when the Presuli of the Church will be asked to clarify what intrigues and what conspiracies could have led to the Throne him who acts as “Servant of Satan’s servants,” and why they have fearfully witnessed his intemperances or made themselves accomplices of this proud heretical tyrant. 

Let those who know and who keep silent out of false prudence tremble: by their silence they do not protect the honor of the Holy Church, nor do they preserve the simple ones from scandal. 

On the contrary, they plunge the Bride of the Lamb into ignominy and humiliation, and turn the faithful away from the Ark of salvation at the very moment of the Flood.

- His Excellency Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò