To draw fruit from the New Testament

When the Christian life begins to lower its tone, to languish, a tuning fork is needed to give a higher note. How often meditation on a passage from the Gospel, especially from the Passion of Our Lord, has been like an energetic call to flee from that less heroic life to which an excessive care for health, a less vibrant tone... pushed us! We cannot turn the pages of the Holy Gospel as if it were just any book. With what love it was guarded for so many centuries, when only a few Christian communities had the privilege of possessing a copy or just a few pages! With what piety and reverence it was read! Its reading - St. Cyprian teaches about prayer - is a foundation for building up hope, a means for consolidating faith, nourishment for charity, a guide that shows the way...26. St. Augustine points out that his teachings are like lamps placed in a dark place", which always enlighten our life. To draw fruit from reading and meditation, "think that what is narrated there - the works and sayings of Christ - you must not only know, but you must live them. Everything, each point related, has been collected, detail by detail, so that you can incarnate it in the concrete circumstances of your existence.

"The Lord has called us Catholics to follow Him closely and, in this Holy Text, you find the Life of Jesus; but, in addition, you must find your own life.

"You too will learn to ask, like the Apostle, full of love, "Lord, what do you want me to do?..." -"The Will of God," you hear in your soul in a definite way.

"So, take the Gospel daily, read it and live it as a concrete rule. -Thus have the saints done "28.

Then we can say with the Psalmist: Thy word is to my feet a lamp, the light of my path.

Hablar con Dios