Your DNA will be changed; you will be another species -Carbonia

Revelations from GOOD SHEPHERD HILL

CARBONIA April 21, 2021

You will be enslaved.

Thus says the Lord: I will bless My new people and I will make them enjoy Me, their life will continue in the infinite beauty of My All.

I came down from Heaven, I became incarnate in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary and I gave Myself to you on the sorrowful Cross. Out of love, out of infinite love, I wanted to snatch you from eternal death. Even so, I will descend to give you freedom, ... to take you out of Satan's slavery.

My children, there is so much pain that the Father carries within Himself for your rejection, for being in the world at the service of Satan; you are devoted to him, you have cornered Me, soon you will remember nothing more of Me because, with the help of the false prophets and traitors of the earthly Church, you will be led to another gospel, they will change history and they will catechize you for the New World Order.

You will be enslaved, put in conditions of great pain, you will be transformed in your DNA, you will become another species, the one created by man in his infernal laboratories. You will end up not being able to manage yourselves because you will be ruled by the devil.

Ah, what a ruin! What an end for you, oh men! For you who have preferred to follow a god of death, renouncing the God of eternal life.

Will you be satisfied with your choice? NO!

But it will be too late.

You are urgently called to a true conversion of heart: return to your God-Love, to your Creator, before it is too late.

Save yourselves oh men, I love you so much and I want your salvation, open your eyes to the reality you are living, you are already enslaved but you do not have the courage to rebel against the system, you are afraid, that is why you bow your head and you accept hoping that everything will stop. ... but it is not so.

Pray, oh men, pray, open your hearts to the Most High and cry out to Him for help.

Miserum est!