"Bird flu" provides the perfect pretext

This is straight from the CDC website. 
-Bird Flu - Here they go again telling you that there may be NO SYMPTOMS, yet may cause high levels of mortality. We have seen this movie before. DO NOT COMPLY. 
-The new flu only shows up in foods the government does not want you to have...

Bird flu found in beef from a sickened dairy cow
Bird flu has been confirmed in dairy cattle herds in nine states, has been found in milk and has prompted the slaughter of millions of chickens and turkeys.
Source: KVUE (YouTube)

-Australia: "400,000 chickens have been killed in Victoria to halt the spread of bird flu."

Conveniently, "bird flu" provides the perfect pretext to advance multiple facets of the globalist agenda—killing multiple birds with one stone, if you will.

The mass culling of poultry and cows will not only damage farmers, but will also lead to shortages of eggs, milk and meat, which helps advance the "eat the bugs" agenda.

On top of that, a "bird flu" outbreak strengthens the case for the WHO Pandemic Agreement, just as it's about to be discussed at the 77th World Health Assembly.

Did I miss anything?