The true value and meaning of this world

In the light of the gift of science, the Christian recognizes the little value of the temporal if not the way to the eternal, the brevity of human life on earth, the little happiness this world can give compared to that which God has promised to those who love him, the uselessness of so much effort if it is not done in the face of the Lord... When we recall our past life, in which God perhaps did not come first, our soul feels a deep contrition for so much evil and for so many lost opportunities, and the desire is born in it to make up for lost time by being more faithful to the Lord.

Everything in this world-which we love and in which we have to sanctify ourselves-appears in the light of this gift with the seal of expiration, while clearly pointing out man's supernatural end, to which we have to subordinate all earthly realities.

This vision of the world, of events and of people from the point of view of faith can be obscured, even blinded, by what St. John calls the lust of the eyes12. It seems then that the mind rejects the true light, and one no longer knows how to order to God the earthly realities, which are taken as an end. The disordered desire for material goods, the codification of happiness in what is here below, hinders or cancels the action of this gift. The soul then falls into a kind of blindness in which it is no longer capable of recognizing and savoring true goods, those that do not perish, and supernatural hope is transformed into the ever-growing desire for material well-being, fleeing from anything that means mortification and sacrifice.

The purely human vision of reality ends up leading to ignorance of the truths of God, or else these appear as something theoretical, with no practical meaning for ordinary life, without the capacity to inform normal existence. Sins against this gift leave the world without light, and this explains the great ignorance of God that the world suffers. At times it is a matter of a real inability to understand or assimilate the supernatural, because the eyes of the soul have been completely turned to partial and deceptive goods and have been closed to the true ones.

To prepare ourselves to receive this gift we need to ask the Holy Spirit to help us live freedom and detachment from material goods and to be more humble, so that we can be taught about the true value of things. Together with these dispositions, we will encourage the presence of God, who helps us to see the Lord in the midst of our work, and we will make a determined resolution to consider in prayer the events that decide our life and the same realities of every day: the family, the companions who are side by side in the same work, that which concerns us most... Prayer is always a powerful beacon that illuminates the true reality of things and events.

To obtain this gift, to make ourselves capable of possessing it more fully, we turn to Our Lady, Our Lady. She is the Mother of Beautiful Love, and of fear, and of science, and of holy hope.

"Mother of science is Mary, because with her we learn the most important lesson: that nothing is worthwhile if we are not close to the Lord; that all the marvels of the earth, all the ambitions fulfilled, are of no use if the flame of living love, the light of holy hope that is a foretaste of the endless love in our definitive homeland, does not burn in our hearts.