P Regis: A prophecy of the coming “black pope”


Pedro Regis was given a prophetic indication of the coming “black pope” – a Jesuit – back in 2005 shortly before Pope Benedict XVI was validly elected. Although the plan was to get Bergoglio elected then, it was delayed, as detailed in the Team Bergoglio documentation. Note that the Jesuits take a vow not to hold high office as prelates, so truly following the vows of the Jesuits means that a Jesuit could not accept the papacy.

Pedro Regis interview with Don Leonardo Pompei

Partial excerpt translated from Italian here
D.L.: Here is a message which is not easy to understand. Even the translator does not understand what to put.

Message 2505, 04/04/2005

“Dear children, pray with your heart, and do not stray from the truth. The day will come when there will be contempt in the house of God and that which is sacred will be thrown out. A xino will be on the throne countering many, but God is the Lord of Truth. What I am telling you now you cannot understand, but one day it will be revealed and all will be clear for you. The mirror: here is the mystery. […]”

Pedro- In this message the coming of a Jesuit Pope is prophesied because xino, if read in the mirror, in reverse, reads Onix, meaning black stone

D.L. I understand very well I! Xino is the opposite of Onix which is a black stone. The black pope … [stone represents the papacy – upon this rock I will build My Church…]

Pedro- The superior of the Jesuits is called the black pope …

D.L. Of course!

Pedro- And wears black. The message is prophesying that there will be a Jesuit pope …

D.L. And it was the year 2005, the newly elected … no, Benedict was not yet elected, because Benedict was elected on April 19 [2005]. This came first !!!

Pedro- Before the election of Benedict prophesied that in the future will be elected a Jesuit pope. Understand?

D.L. Absolutely!

Pedro- The message says ‘the mirror is the mystery’.

D.L. The mirror is the mystery! We have to put the word ‘xino‘ in front of the mirror and the word ‘xino‘ front of the mirror reads backwards!

Pedro- Onix! Onix, black stone. When I gave this message I thought that the next pope would be a Jesuit, but it was not so. The election was on April 19, this message is from April 4. So when I gave the message it was not speaking of the pope to come but of the next. At Benedict’s election the successor was prophesied.

“But one day it will be revealed and all will be clear for you.” Now is that day.