Demonic influence by the Ouija board

From a reader…

I messed around with the ouija board years ago and I believe spirit’s attached to me from it I have renounced using this and have nothing to do with it anymore can I ask you to please cast these demons out of me and away from me if you could Father thank you God bless you.

Everyone: Do NOT mess around with Ouija boards.  Those things are spiritually dangerous avenues for demonic activity against you, including the worst kinds.  If you have one, break it, burn it, put the ashes into flowing water, such as a river or stream.

To the questioner:

Friend, what you need is confession, frequent Mass, daily prayer, and a life of a virtue.  These are the ordinary means of salvation.

If you don’t have those things going on in your life right now, then you have a bigger problems than demons.

If… if… you are living the fullness of Catholic life, and you have this concern about demons anyway, you should contact your local chancery and request a meeting with the diocesan exorcist.

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