Desire to enter the new Eden


Carbonia July 15, 2020

Hasten to come to Me, My children, the time has come to meet, now you will see wonders for yourselves and you will be in the dimension of infinite Love.

I have prepared for you My Garden full of delicious fragrances that await nothing else but to unite with you in a single perfume of love.

Desire to enter the new Eden, my children, desire it with all your heart. Pray for God's mercy so that the time may be shortened and the waiting may end here.

Pray for all those who are far from me and know nothing of me. Pray for those who renounce Me to prefer a god of death.

Announce to the world, my children, announce to the world the hour of my visitation. This is the hour so longed for by the Father; this is the hour when God will gather all His children to fill them with Himself, to embrace them in His bosom.

Mary is on her last earthly mission, her mantle already envelops the whole earth.

The sun is about to darken, in the sky the storm will become great for the battle. Prepare yourselves my children, the knot is untied, the God of Eternal Love will shout his Justice and everything will return according to his plan.

The Ark is open to all the children of God, prepare to enter it, consecrate yourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and prostrate yourselves to the Son.

Consecrate yourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and prostrate yourselves before the Son, recognizing Him as the One True God.

Heaven is already preparing for the storm, the hour is thundering in the justice of God!

Beware, all of you who have considered the Heavenly Messages false and have mocked my prophets, for there will be a great tribulation for you.

Science will not know how to give a just explanation of what will mark Heaven, for God will no longer enlighten those who have betrayed Him by abandoning themselves to the light of Lucifer.

Repent, men, repent quickly, God awaits your conversion, let him save you.

With infinite love, may God's embrace and blessing reach the faithful. Amen!

Colle del Buon Pastore