FSSPX will make another consecration

The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X unites “with devotion and zeal” with Francis and the bishops in the Consecration of Russia on the Annunciation of Our Lady (March 25).

The General House in Menzingen, Switzerland, prescribed a special prayer if the consecration is solemnly carried out in the PiusX churches and chapels.

The prayer speaks about the “abominable sins of the world,” the “apostasy of the nations and of Christian souls,” “God’s judgment,” and asks that Russia will be healed from its “old schism” – concepts the Pachamama Vatican has cleared out long time ago. Concepts that are nevertheless in tune with the message of Fatima; after all Our Lady appeared to call for conversion since it is sins that provoke war.

That is why bergoglio's 'consecration' is not in accordance with the Marian purpose which would have the consequence of stopping the war, yes, but tackling its origin which bergoglio does not address but his prayer is lost in seemingly pious ramblings but which will not stop what is coming since Heaven declared that the consecration would come too late.

María Ferraz/en.news