God is just in the condemnation of souls


Messages of Our Lord Jesus Christ to His favorite children.


"I did not choose the persons who intervened in My Passion; they were undoubtedly instruments that God made use of for the consummation of this admirable, adorable and holy mystery of Redemption; but the malice, the evil feelings, the wickedness of those hearts were their own.  And what is condemnable in them is not so much the persons nor, in a certain sense, the deeds, as the blackness of their souls, the infernal malice that moved them, the internal guilt, the malice that drives their acts of hatred and ingratitude for my benefits; in a word, the obstinate blindness, consented to and accepted, of which they became guilty.

That is what is to be condemned.  In God there can be no injustice.  One by one, these people had many occasions to know me, and they despised it.  I gave them repeated signs and powerful motives to move their hearts, hardened in evil and full of base passions.  Some were dominated by pride, others by human respects, many by the desire to be in good standing with the great and not to harm their material interests, and so on.

I spoke and taught and worked miracles in public; and some, the simple, the pure and the humble, believed me; and others, blinded by anger, impurity and other vices, hated me.

To Judas, how much I did to save him to the last, how I tried to move his heart with graces and tenderness beyond imagination!

To Caiaphas and the priests, how many clear signs in their eyes, in my life and in my death, that I was a God whom they had crucified!  To Pilate, was I not willing to explain what I was, the Truth, the Way, the Life?

No, there was no injustice on God's part in those instruments necessary for the Son of God to be slain and die for sinners; for in those sinners were included themselves and all my enemies; for the Redemption was universal, not limited to certain persons, classes, or nations.  My Blood was shed, not only for some, but for all, and My Gospel and My graces were for the just and sinners.

Besides, who can know for certain - except Myself - who among them were saved and who were condemned? Did I not ask My Father's forgiveness for those who were ignorant of what they were doing and did not realize the magnitude of their crime, in those terrible and painful moments of the crucifixion?  What did I always do during my mortal life, in my Passion, in my Death, in my Resurrection, if not benefits? How many internal touches of grace did I give them? What, did I not let my Heart break only to manifest my love and so that men could fit there and be saved by my tenderness?

No one can label God as unjust, and God can blame man for his lack of mercy and charity, and his lack of forgiveness towards his fellow men.  I do deplore and regret the little or no gratitude that I receive from so many souls, especially from those consecrated to Me, who do not weigh nor know how to appreciate the infinite tenderness of the love of a whole God for them. Oh, if only My priests and those who call themselves Mine would understand My infinite love!

Another point I want to touch on in order to dispel this erroneous feeling of predestination is this: What I once do, what has come from Me, I do not destroy, and to destroy is for Me a soul that is condemned, in the sense that it is torn off as a branch, as a branch, from the Tree of Life which is Me, which is My Church.  To what I give life, to what I take from nothingness and more to what comes divinized by the Holy Spirit from the bosom of the Father, it is forever.

To my works, and more to man who is the most perfect work of the Creator, I give life only so that he may glorify me eternally; his soul is immortal and his body, after the destruction of the flesh by sin, will also be immortal, will be resurrected and will be united again with the soul for heaven or for hell.  This is a dogma of faith.

But I insist that, in creating man, it is not to lose him, to condemn him; but for my glory, to save him, so that he may have life in abundance, the true life of grace and glory, and not eternal death.

Therefore, all souls have been created by God to be happy in heaven; and if they are condemned, it is because they knowingly and with all malice will to be condemned.  If this were not so, it would be giving the triumph to Satan, it would be granting the victory to false sects and not to the only true religion, the only one that opens heaven: the Catholic, Apostolic, Roman.

Would it be possible that in the end God, the Word made man, would be mocked and the Redemption would be debased, defeated and diminished?  No. And that is why every overwhelming impulse of hell is followed by another superior impulse of the Holy Spirit in the Church, which destroys and suffocates the satanic impulses and crushes them.

Do you believe that the Holy Spirit, and with Him the Most Blessed Trinity, would be defeated and defeated?  That is out of the question.  The struggle between the two spirits, the good and the evil, will continue as long as the world exists; but the Incarnate Word, the holy Church, the Cross of Christ, will undoubtedly triumph; and all the priests transformed into Me, that is, Jesus Christ, the Eternal Priest, in whom all priests are fused, in the unity of the Trinity, will judge the world with Me.

But in the meantime, they in Me, and I in them on earth, we will continue the struggle against hell, to snatch from it souls and more souls by love and loving sacrifice.  A new crusade by the Holy Spirit in My priests transformed in Me will be the great lever to raise sinful souls from their vices to Heaven.

But if I know how to save and distribute My extraordinary graces to triumph over the devil and save the souls of sinners, in My ordinary providence I make use of the elements of My Church, placed by Me for this purpose, that of the salvation of souls.  And for these conquests I need My holy priests, transformed in Me, so that with My divine attraction virtue may come forth from them that converts, that moves and saves many hearts.

The measure of the transformation of the priests in Me will be their conquests. As they become more Jesus, they will have more souls to offer to My Father, more virtue of attraction, more light to discover the satanic bonds and more charity through their union with the One who is all Love, Kindness, Mercy and Forgiveness.

Because I am all-powerful, I do not need anyone; but I want to need, and My eternal Wisdom has placed Her saving plan in My Church to draw from there, that is, from My very Heart, which is that beloved Church, the elements that will help Me on earth to obtain for souls eternal salvation and happiness. What could a God of charity, a God of love, a God happy in Himself, want but to share with souls that charity, that love, that eternal happiness?

Well then, it is up to My priests, who are My consented souls, My chosen souls, to second My plans; and to second them with perfection, so that they are not only bells that ring and trees without fruit, they need at all costs their transformation in Me, that I will know in My infinite magnanimity and generosity how to compensate them.

And that compensation is Myself; but that delightful vision, that more than angelic union, that profound and inexhaustible compenetration of happiness in happiness, of joy in joys, which penetrates into the abysses of the divine secrets of the Trinity, has no comparison nor can it be understood on earth.

In this eternal reward, the munificence of a whole God of Love is displayed; and these labors, sleeplessness and even martyrdoms of my priests are nothing, not to deserve it, but to make themselves less unworthy of so much love of the Trinity.

Do you see how my Father in heaven loves and treats me?  Well then, with Me and some in Me, the Father will see them, and they will receive all the torrent of everlasting delights, because of their transformation in Me".