I beseech you, God, let it all end now, send Jesus --Carbonia

Revelations from the GOOD SHEPHERD'S HILL

Carbonia 02-03-2022 - 

Oh, my Church! my priests!

... Open your eyes. ... Open your hearts.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I bless you, my children, and I place you all in my Immaculate Heart.

I will teach you the way of heaven, ... I will teach you the things of God, ... You will grow in love and you will be in Love. My dear children, destruction is advancing, man is more and more evil. The earth trembles in every corner of the planet, ... Soon you will see fire fall from the sky, ... ... you will see the seas rise and fall with a power never before seen on the coasts, invading the cities, swallowing them up, ... dragging them with it.

We have come to the vision of the prophecies given at La Salette and Fatima, today we see all that was announced in the past. ... Many have not believed, they have mocked these prophecies and have clung more and more to this Earth, they have followed a false god, they have abandoned the commandments of God, they have preferred to choose the easier way of living on Earth.

But we have reached the end, we have reached a point of no return: ... if men do not decide to return now, to their Creator God, preferring to follow the ways of the Devil, they will lose their life and will never recover it.

Oh, my Church! My priests! ... Open your eyes! ....  Open your hearts. Return to your Creator God. Return to the Truth, bring the truth to the Church, ... Proclaim Jesus!

Beloved children, forget the things of the world, you belong to Heaven, you have been taken in the arms of Jesus and anointed to be His priests, do not turn your back on Him, repent now, ...before darkness descends on Earth. The Heart of Jesus weeps tears of blood for your betrayal, ... ...you swore allegiance to him, then you knelt before his enemy, you followed his enemy, you drank his poison, you strove to have more and more in this infamous world.

You have given yourselves to amusement. ... You have deceived yourselves. You have not taken the right path, you have been wrong in everything..... If you do not repent now, the justice of God will be hard upon you.

I look at this world, ... at this Humanity that still does not want to understand that everything is over, that there is no future on this Earth! My children, it is useless to set aside money for yourselves, to build castles in the bank.... Everything will burn, everything will be lost. Instead, work for the Works of God, work for the Truth, my children.

My children, do good to your neighbor, do justice to your brothers, put them in better conditions, help your brothers, the children of God.

My children, you who are able, you who have the (material) means, stretch out your hands now, my children! Ask for the forgiveness of your sins so that the Lord may see in your charity, in your reconsideration, your new choice, that of belonging completely to God and then being elevated by God.

You are now at the end of this earthly career, Heaven manifests itself to you, it announces to you again, through its prophets, the hell that will soon be unleashed on Earth. You will not be able to turn back if you do not surrender yourselves into the hands of your Savior.

Strive for good, do good works, my children, this is what Heaven commands you, serve your God, love Him with all your heart and listen to Him and follow Him, respect His will.

I love you, my children, as always I join my hands to yours, and with you I pray and beg Jesus to anticipate his return.

"Father, ... Today I prostrate myself before You, I ask this to happen now, in these already terrible hours. ... Tears of blood flow from our eyes because of what your children are going through, Lord.

I beg you, God, let it all end now, in this very hour in which I ask you for help: ... Send your Son Jesus, so that this world may be renewed.

May war and all wickedness cease quickly! ... May Satan be cast at last into the bowels of the earth from which he will never escape!