New sounds unknown to man will be heard

Revelations from GOOD SHEPHERD'S HILL

Carbonia March 22, 2022

My homeland! My beloved! ... where have you gone? Your misery is great, you will never again have beauty and honor.

My beloved children, soon you will see My Face and there you will recognize Me and you will call Me Father, you will give Me your heart and you will honor Me.

God the Father is calling this Humanity to conversion before the storm increases and darkness settles all over the Earth.

The planets are moving! The time has come for My manifestation, now you will see signs in the sky and on the earth and you will see the weather change, you will see the shaking of the stars and you will see the Earth tremble as it has never trembled before.

My children, prepare my shelters, organize yourselves into prayer groups, united in one heart one soul, though physically distant, but united in love.

The Aurora Borealis presents itself to the world in its dazzling beauty. New sounds, unknown to man, will be heard. The songs of the Angels will accompany Mary Most Holy in her Manifestation to the world. You will see Mary Most Holy on the Wings of Love, and you will see her Immaculate Heart in its great triumph. She will accompany her children, her army on Earth, those children prepared by herself for the final battle.

Join hands with mine, my blessed children, and implore with me the mercy of God.

Announce the return of Jesus to Earth! Hail His glory!

The signs are those announced: with the Spring Equinox, God manifests His Power through signs and wonders. Let sleeping hearts be awakened, let them be enkindled in Love, ... Here is a passage from the Holy Scriptures: ... ... signs and wonders in heaven and on earth!

... Awaken, O men, recognize your one true God!