Schneider: What Is Essential For Consecration Of Russia?

It is understandable for Bishop Athanasius Schneider that Francis mentions Russia and Ukraine in Russia's Consecration to the Immaculate Heart (, March 22).

He explains that in July 1917, when Our Lady of Fatima asked for the consecration of Russia, most of present-day Ukraine belonged to the Russian Empire and was called “Little Russia” or “South Russia.”

If Francis would mention only Russia, this territory which Our Lady had before her eyes in July 1917, would be excluded from the consecration.

Schneider mentions the essential elements of the consecration:

• an explicit referral to the Immaculate Heart of Mary;

• an explicit mention of Russia while an additional mentoning of other nations doesn't invalidate the consecration;

• a bond with all the bishops which doesn't necessarily extend to 100% of the bishops but to the entire episcopate in a moral sense.

Below is the wording of Francis’ March 25 consecration in English