The hordes of the wicked will now rage against this Humanity

Carbonia March 15, 2022

God the Father appears to this Humanity.

Where are you going, O men? where do you place your steps?

To whom do you acclaim?

To whom do you direct your hearts?

People of God, return to your Creator, do not wait any longer, everything is in the final phase, the time is already closed.

The hordes of the wicked will now rage against this Humanity that has not understood to whom it lends its hand.

Days of terror are coming, nations will fight, fire and despair will come, men will no longer know where to lay their heads.

Disorder is upon this Humanity devoid of love and charity, given to the things of the world, forgetful of the things of God.

Children of Jerusalem, return quickly to your Father in Heaven, to your Creator God, to your only Good.

Embrace the holy Gospel, O men, hold in your hands the crown of the holy Rosary and pray, pray and consecrate yourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Let your vision be of the things of God, abandon the world, there is no future on this earth cursed by Satan.... You will have no more good if you do not return to Him who created everything and who waits for nothing else but to hear you call out to Him: Father!

Say to me, son, with the repentance of your heart:

"Behold, Father, the lost son has returned to You! Forgive him his sins, open his breast.

... caress his miserable heart, transform it, .... let it be love and charity.