The Wedding Banquet is ready

Revelations from 

Carbonia March 20, 2022

You have arrived at the gates of new life, Heaven is impatient to embrace you!

God the Father, the Almighty Yahweh, hasten the time.

Behold, all is accomplished, my help is for my children.

May the gates of hell be opened and may all the demons with their infernal gods fall.

Let the New Earth open with its sweet fragrances and its beauty for all the children of God. Charity, love, eternal happiness!

My beloved creatures, listen today to the cry of your Father in Heaven, He is urgently calling you to conversion. ... The lights of this world are about to go out, an icy cold will seize the souls without God, ... they will die forever.

Behold, my justice comes to this sinful humanity, which has not wanted to repent in order to follow the Lie. Your end will be dreadful, oh men, do you not understand that I, your Creator God, call you out of love, to give you true life in the immense joy of love?

I am your Father, oh men, I am your Creator.

... Why do you not want to accept my call to salvation?

Why do you persist in your pride in turning your back on me?

You still do not believe! ... You are getting more and more lost in the darkness. I can do nothing with those who insist on denying Me: in their free will they have made their choices, now I will make mine. Miserum est!

I open the gates of the New Age, let My chosen ones prepare to enter it, let them enjoy all that is in the wonders of Heaven.

Let the trumpets sound..... Israel! ... My People! ... Open your eyes and see, ... ... Marvel at my beauty, run! ... Dance and praise your God, the Faithful One!

His Grace is upon you, my people, you who have believed and accepted his Law, you who have walked according to his Directives, you who have given your life for the salvation of your brothers.

You have arrived at the gates of the new Life, Heaven is impatient to embrace you, ... ... all her children will be at her Right hand.

The Wedding Banquet is ready, the Lamb will make a great feast with all his own.