What Christ expects of his priests

(...) To become the Word-man was also to have a motive, an occasion, worthy of a God, to prove his love for man; to display before his material eyes the magnitude of divine love humanized. He became flesh so that the flesh might be divinized with Him, purified in Him. He lowered Himself, He became man so that man might become in a certain sense God and be consummated in His unity.

But one of the principal ends that the Word pursued in becoming man was to form, in Him and with Him, the priest, making him like Him, transforming human flesh itself into Him by divinizing it. And for this, to have that chosen group on earth, that legion of creatures more than angelic, He formed the Church to nourish and educate them in His bosom for the altar, to angelize them for the sacrifice, to transform them into Him and to prolong His Passion and death, in the Masses, in favor of all the souls that through them, in Him, would be saved.

Look at what was the main reason for the Incarnation of the Word: to purify the world and to perpetuate His stay in it in two ways, in the Eucharist and in the Priesthood, which is like another itinerant Eucharist.  For My priests, not only must they perpetuate the Eucharist by the divine power given to them by God, in pronouncing the words of consecration of which they are the depositaries; but they themselves, in their perfect transformation into Me, must not only be ciboria that contain Me, but other Me Myself, My very Body, My very Blood, in their transformation into Me.

Do you see how many things the love of a God has done? Creation, Redemption, the beloved Church with all My sacraments and the resources of His charity in favor of sinners to save them.

And the greatest thing is the Church with her priests; other Me on earth to regenerate souls; those Pontiffs and priests transformed in Me, who will perpetuate, like the Eucharist, in themselves, My stay on earth.

When I said at the Last Supper: "This is My Body, this is My Blood", I had in my mind the extension of this Body and Blood in My priests transformed in Me, made also, in this sense, living Eucharists, and with the same purpose, that of living immolated in favor of the whole world.

It was then in my soul that they should disappear, and in a certain sense, like the substance of bread and wine, and be transformed into Me for the salvation of souls.

To see them other Jesus has been the mind of the Father, the illusion of a God-Man.  I want in them a perfect Jesus.  And how? by my imitation and by their exterior and interior transformation through their virtues and love in Me.  The priest's mission does not end at the altar, but begins there, so to speak; there begins the perfect union with the eternal Priest, who must grow day by day, hour by hour - through love and through pain - until the consummate transformation in Me.

Under whatever aspect he sees Me, the priest transformed into Me must copy Me in himself; but My genuine aspect on earth was immolated love, immolation for love.

The perfect priest has to broaden his soul, his views, his heart, his energies, his purity, his virtues, his virtues, his received qualities and even his own spiritual vitality in order to receive that resemblance, that similarity with Me, in all aspects of charity, patience, humility, sacrifice, docility, abnegation, obedience and love.  May he reflect the Eucharist in his soul, may he resemble Jesus in that universal charity, all for all and giving himself totally wholeheartedly in the holy exercise of his apostolate in favor of souls.

Oh, if my priests were penetrated by these thoughts, how they would advance in their indispensable transformation in Me - more than ever in these last times necessary - and they would circulate throughout their whole being that divine sap, unified in the unity of the Trinity!

This was and is the Father's ideal in choosing them to be another Me and to please Himself in them as in His beloved Son.  May they not waste the gift of God, may they accelerate that circulation of divine life in their souls and in their bodies, as proof of their faith and hope in the Trinity and of the love and gratitude that should distinguish them towards Me, who carry them so deeply in My Heart and in My soul".


Mensajes de Nuestro Señor Jesucristo a Sus hijos predilectos.