The second Pentecost is near!

Revelations from 

Carbonia April 27, 2022

Prepare to receive the baptism of fire, the second Pentecost is near!

Dear children, you are on your way to the Holy City, the heavenly Jerusalem. Abandon yourselves completely to the Word of Heaven and do not disturb your hearts.

Terrible days are coming on Earth, the vibration of the sun is strong, this Humanity will suffer much for not having listened to the Voice of God.

Earth tremors are in progress, ... volcanoes ready to erupt. ... Pray, my children, pray that God the Father will send his angels to help. They are already prepared, lined up and waiting for the order, they will intervene as soon as God gives his approval.

The moon will soon be extinguished and all will be in deep darkness, it will be night for three days and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth for many people.

A great earthquake will be felt all over the Planet. People will cry out in despair, they will finally cry out the Holy Name of Jesus, they will invoke Him because they will find themselves helpless.

Science will not understand and will not be able to explain, man has gone beyond the limits, ... God gives and God takes away.

Take care of your souls, consecrate yourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, be pure, let your eyes look up to heaven from where the Son of Man will descend!

Prepare yourselves to receive the baptism of fire, the second Pentecost is near!

May the blessing of the Most Holy Trinity be upon all of you who console the Sacred Heart of Jesus.